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The bell rings, signifying that breakfast is over. Daniel, Oliver, Tristan, Ethyn and Dave jump out of their seats.

"Crap," Dave says, "We're going to be late!"

"Late for what?" Tess huffs, clearly annoyed that we are being kept completely in the dark here. I know how she feels, I feel the same way.

"Class, you dumb nuts!" Daniel says, with a near shouting tone evident in his voice.

"Well we don't know! It's our first day, and you offered to help us!" Tess yells. Sometimes she's a little too outspoken.

"And we will," Tristan says quietly. I'm learning that it's not that he's super shy, he's just a man of few words. He says what needs to be said, and nothing more.

Ethyn, Daniel and Oliver start to leave, putting their trays away as they go. Tess, Paige, Dawn, Sadie and I continue to stand by Dave and Tristan, confused.

"Well," Dave starts.

"I was assuming we'd be able to pair up," Tristan says.

"But, they ditched. So, we'll do it ourselves," Dave says, finishing Tristan's sentence.

Tristan nods.

Dave cracks his knuckles. "Okay. Basically, the 55 boys and the 56 girls have classes together, because we're all fifteen now, so we'd be in the same grade anyway. The 26 of us-"

"-25," Tristan harshly cuts in.

Dave gets a sick look on his face, but nods and continues. "All follow the same schedule. We take some normal classes, and some weird ones," Dave pauses and looks at Tristan. "Anything else I missed?"

Tristan replies, "Nope. But we'd better get to class before we're in even more trouble."

"Yeah," Dave agrees. "Let me explain why we're late. Girls, no matter how crazy what I end up saying is, just agree with me. I don't have to tell you, Tristan, cause you already know."

We dump our trays, and exit the cafeteria. Dave and Tristan lead us down a long hallway, with doors on either sides.

"So last year you guys took classes alone?" I ask.

Dave nods.

"Just 13, uh or 12 of you?" Tess confirms.

Another curt nod from Dave.

"What happened to the 13th kid?" Tess asks, being her nosy self.

If looks could kill, Tess would be dead. The glare Dave gives her is scaring me, and I'm not on the receiving end of it.

"Shut up or leave."

Tess shuts up, and we walk briskly down the hallway to the very last door on the left.

Dave knocks and opens up the door. Inside, there are 18 fifteen year olds staring at us. And Mrs Attary.

"Ah," Mrs Attary starts, "You've decide to grace us with your presence." Her voice is dripping with sarcasm.

"I can explain," Dave says.

He'd better be good at this sweet talking.

"Basically, we ended up getting breakfast for the kids in detention. There were some forgotten trays labeled, and we just wanted to help out and deliver them. The students were very happy to receive their breakfast."

"Tristan?" Mrs Attary asks, wanting to confirm the story.

He nods.

"Mrs Attary," Daniel starts. "I saw them do it. They invited me too, but I decided to come straight to class."

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