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Escape. It's all that's been on my mind since our meeting three days ago.

We headed to the common room after finishing dinner - barbecue chicken and potatoes.

I'm still on crutches, which really sucks. I can only hope that I can be off them before we go. I can limo around without them, but the pain is awful. Kind of like right now, even though I'm sitting.

"Tristan," I whisper, trying not to interrupt the conversation with Aria, Quinn, Kendra and Mitch. "I need pain pills."

"'Kay. Let's go. We'll be right back," he tells them.

"Where're you going?"

"Infirmary," he says, nodding his head at me.

We head out of the common room and I have an urge to take his hand.  But of course my hands are occupied by these stupid crutches. Stupid Cody and Daniel.

Tristan helps me down the stairs as usual.  He's so good to me.  I'm so lucky. 

And then he puts me down at the bottom of the stairs and catches me starting at him. 

"Whatcha looking at there Amber?"

I blush.  Why me?


"Mmmhmm," he nods.  "I bet that's it.  It couldn't have been that you were looking at this face. Nope. Definitely not," he shakes his head, laughing at me.

I blush and giggle.  "Why would I be looking at your face?"

"Hmmm. Maybe cause you're hopelessly in love with me?" He says teasingly.

I stick my tongue out at him.  Childish, I know.

"So mature," he says with a grin.

I just stick my tongue out again, and crutch down the hallway toward the infirmary.

Tristan catches up with me, which isn't very hard, considering the fact that I'm on crutches.

He opens the door to the infirmary for me and the guy inside greets us.

"Hi!  I'm Colin!  Can I help you out?"

"Yeah, Amber here is on crutches," Tristan says, sounding a little annoyed if I'm not mistaken.  "She needs some pain meds."

"Okay," Colin says, opening a filing cabinet.  "Amber..."  He flips through some folders.  "What year are you from?"

"Twenty fifty-six."



He flips through a few more folders. "Ah, here we are. Amber Matlock, Manitoba, Twenty fifty-six. It says here Amber that you were supposed to be off of your crutches three days ago."

"Yes, but I cannot walk on my ankle. Three days ago when I didn't use crutches it swelled like a balloon. The other girl that's been here just gives me pain pills - no questions asked."

The infirmary dude eases my crutches away from me.  I wince in pain as weight is put onto my left ankle. I quickly shift my weight to my right side and Tristan is quick to put my arm across him for some support.

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