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I knock on the door of my house.

"OPEN UP!" I shout, with a loaded gun in my hand.

My father comes to the door, cowering behind it as he opens it.

I lift my gun.

"You are being evicted by the ADCCG. Comply, or my gun does more than just look scary." I say, my voice even.

"Amber?" My mother cautiously questions from behind my father.

I put my finger on the trigger.

"Allow us to search your house. You are being evicted by the ADCCG." I state levelly for the second time.

"David, just let them in," my mother insists.

In a lower voice, she asks, "Is that Amb-"

My father's hand flies to cover her mouth.

"Penelope!" He hisses.

Things have drastically changed in Winnipeg. It began a crime-ridden city, and is now being "repossessed" by the ADCCG.

"Agent AM," my supervisor says from behind me.



I aim my gun, squeeze my eyes shut, and pull the trigger.

The screaming is so loud.


"Amber! Amber! Quiet!"

"Huh?" I mutter groggily.

Tess looks at me.

"Amber, you were screaming so loud! You could have awakened the dead! You must have been having a nightmare."


It all comes rushing back to me. The dream. Shooting my father. Yes, that's why I was screaming.

"Yeah..." I mutter.

"You good?" Tess asks, sounding legitimately concerned.

"Yeah." I say, more confidently this time.

I shake off the dream.

"I'll be fine," I tell Tess.

"Okay, good. I was worried about you."


There is a knock on our door.

"Manitoba and Nova Scotia 56?"

Tess an I mirror each other's puzzled looks.

"Uhh," I say.

"I think that's us."


"Yes?" Tess asks whoever is at the door.

"It's me, Sandra!"

I groan, and Tess looks confused.

"My ADCCG rep person," I mutter.

Tess gives me a look of sympathy and understanding. I open the door.

"Hi Amber! How are you doing?" Sandra asks, incredibly chirpily.

"I'm fine thanks," I say, but I'm thinking Oh my gosh just get on with what you want. Jeez woman.

"Well Amber, I just thought I'd come see how you're doing," Sandra looks like she has something more to say, but instead says, "Girls, don't forget that breakfast is in twenty minutes."

Tess and I look at each other after the door closes behind Sandra.

"Okay then," Tess says.

"I guess we should get ready for breakfast?" I suggest.

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