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All the couches and chairs have already been claimed, because everybody is locked in here. 

Tristan speaks what I'm thinking.  "Guys, we're never going to be able to get a chair or a couch.  How about we head over to that corner there.  It's quiet and no one will bug us."

Quinn nods, and in unison, Aria and I say okay.

We sit down in the corner, me leaning up against one of the walls with my legs pulled up to my chest, Tristan beside me, sitting with his legs stretched out.  Aria and Quinn are up against the other wall, Aria leaning on Quinn.

We talk for a little while, about trivial matters, trying to take our minds off of the situation at hand.  I'm not really sure about the others, but it's really not helping me.

Aria starts to doze off, all cuddled up against Quinn.  They look so cute. 

Why are all the doors locked?  And why could we get back into the common room if all the doors are locked?  This is all so confusing.

So, so confusing...

I'm in a small room with four bright white walls.  One part of the wall has a window, but the other side must be mirrored, because no one on the other side can see me. There's no way out.  I pound on the walls, but no one can hear me.  I scream until my voice goes hoarse.

"Help me!" I scream at the top of my lungs.  "Help me!  I'm trapped!"

Through the window, I see Tristan, Greyson and Ty. Also with them is Paige. Paige is standing in front of them, a gun in hand. She is saying something to them, making threats, maybe.

She holds a gun to Ty's head.

"No!" I scream, but they can't hear me. Not my little brother! Please!

I can hear a voice calling my name now.

"Amber," the voice says,  "Amber.  Amber."

"Stop!" I scream.  "Help!"

Paige pulls the trigger, and Ty crumples to the ground.

"Noo! Do something!"


The white room starts to shake.  I can still hear my name being called.  My shoulders are shaking.  "Amber!" the voice calls, with such intensity now.

Then everything looks normal again.

There's the common room, and Aria and Quinn, asleep, leaning on each other.

"Amber?" I look over to see Tristan's face, creased with worry.  "Are you okay?" he asks me.  "You were screaming in your sleep.  I'm surprised you didn't wake anyone up."

"Ah-I-I think I'm okay now.  A little shaken up, it was a pretty bad nightmare."

He nods. "Want to talk about it?"

"I was trapped in a white room, and-and- through a window I could see you and Paige and Greyson and my little brother. And-and-and Paige-sh-she had a gun-"

"Shhh Amber. It's okay, I promise. It was just a dream." Tristan wraps an arm around my shoulders protectively and I lean into him.

"She shot my broth-" my voice breaks, and I can't finish the last word.  I sob into Tristan's shoulder, and he holds me, letting me cry.

A few minutes later, I've calmed down. My face is stained with tears, but I don't feel quite as terrible now.

I wipe the tears off my face.

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