You Can't Have Her

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(Hailey's biological mom Sarah )

Louis's POV

"How did you get my number?" I asked. She chuckled.

"I am a senator I can get anyone's phone number." She said

"You can't have my daughter because you gave her up and I adopted her." I said

"I am having my lawyer working on that as we speak." She said.

"Why do you want her now after four months?" I said angrily.

"Because a child should be with their mother." She said.

"I won't let you have her and if I have to fight in court for her I will." I said.

"Well the Mr. Tomlinson I will see you in court." She said then hung up. I quickly called Simon.

"Hello Louis" Simon said

"Hey I just got a call from Hailey's biological mom saying she wants Hailey back." I said panicking.

"Don't worry Louis I will get our lawyers on it." Simon said

"We can't let her take Hailey it would destroy me." I said looking down at my angel.

"I know but it won't come to that so just relax." Simon said

"What about the tour?" I asked.

"We will put it on hold for now until we get this taken care of." He said

"Okay thanks Simon" I said before hang up. I picked up Hailey and headed downstairs. Zayn and Liam had come back with Gigi and Cheryl and everyone including Niall and Harry were sitting in the living room watching the news.

"Breaking News, Senator Hilton has released a statement that said she is fighting for custody of her daughter Hailey Tomlinson, the adopted daughter of One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson." The news lady said. "She has stated that she was going through a bad time after being raped and wasn't in the right mind to care for Hailey but now she is and will stop at nothing to get her daughter back." I quickly grabbed the remote from Zayn and turned the TV off.

"Hey we were watching that." Zayn said. I ignored him and cleared my throat.

"I just got off the phone with Simon and he said that the lawyers are going to handle this and that till it is handled the tour has been put on hold." I said trying not to cry. Gigi stood up and took Hailey, giving her to Zayn before hugging me.

"It is going to be okay Louis. Simon won't let her take Hailey." She said and that made me break down crying. Hailey looked at me and noticed my distress. She started to cry and reached for me. I got myself together and pulled away from Gigi to pick up my daughter and comfort her. She calmed down and fell asleep and I sat down as Zayn turned the TV on and turned it down.

"Simon Cowell has released a statement saying that Senator Hilton gave up Hailey for adoption and Hailey was adopted by a nice man who loves her and she should just let Hailey live in peace with Louis." She said "Senator Hilton responded by saying that she will not give up on taking her daughter back and that she will see Louis Tomlinson in court."

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