Meeting the Aunts

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Louis's POV

The next morning I woke up to loud noises coming from downstairs. I immediately rushed out of bed and went next door to see Hailey missing. I rushed downstairs to find Gigi holding Hailey while Cheryl is taking picture. Hailey looked up and saw me then smiled reaching for me. I walked over and took her from Gigi. Gigi looked up to see who had taken Hailey and saw me.

"Sorry Lou, she was awake and we couldn't help ourselves." Gigi said.

"Don't worry about it." I said. "Where is Zayn and Liam?"

"They went out to get breakfast." Cheryl said. I nodded and looked at Hailey.

"Did she get her breakfast?" I asked Gigi and she just nodded.

"She ate about fifteen minutes ago." She said as Zayn and Liam walked in, kissing their girlfriends before setting the food down.

"I see lazy butt finally woke up." Zayn said. I glared at him before opening the bag of food. Niall and Harry came down and sat down then began to eat. Gigi cleared her throat and turned to me.

"Louis, Cheryl and I were wondering if we could take Hailey for a girls night?" She asked. I stopped eating and stared at them. Could I really trust them with my daughter. I hardly knew them since they usually hang out with just Zayn and Liam. I sighed then nodded making them squeal. I held up a hand silencing them.

"If I find my daughter in stiletto's and make up on her face you will never have this chance again." I said making them nodded their heads.

"We promise we will behave." Cheryl said.
Gigi's POV

I took Hailey from Louis then turned to Zayn and kissed him before grabbing Hailey's diaper bag and heading to Louis's mini van. Cheryl passed me the keys after I put Hailey into her car seat. We drove to the nail salon and got out. I got Hailey out and we walked in. The lady lead us over to our seats. I sat down and put Hailey on my lap. Another lady asked us what color we wanted and we told them. I had them do Hailey's toes bright red and it looked really cute. Once we had finished we paid then left. We decided to go to a baby fashion store to look for some more clothes for Hailey. We were only in there for five minutes when Hailey started crying and no matter what we did she wouldn't stop.

"Maybe she misses her daddy." Cheryl said as we left the store.

"I think you are right." I said as Cheryl put Hailey in her car seat. I drove us back to the boys house.

Louis's POV

I was taking a nap on the couch when I was startled awake by the cries of my baby. Gigi walked over and handed her to me. Hailey looked at me and calmed down.

"She missed you and cried the whole way here." Gigi said then left with Cheryl. I smiled at my baby girl before kissing her head.

"Did my little girl miss me?" I said. Hailey response was to drool on my shirt while talking gibberish. I chuckled at her, laying back down with her on my chest.

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