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(The boys bunks)

Louis's POV

The next morning Liam woke me up saying Simon wants to meet with us. I got up and took a quick shower before getting dressed. I went into Hailey's room to see her awake and chewing on her blanket.

"Hello luv" I said picking her up. "Did you sleep well?" She just smiled at me and I took that as a yes. I got her dressed then grabbed her diaper bag and took her downstairs. Niall and Zayn were waiting for me downstairs. Hailey saw Zayn and reached for him. Zayn smiled and took her while I went to get our breakfast ready. I handed Zayn her bottle while I quickly ate my breakfast. Once I finished we all got in my car a drove to Simon's office.
I was nervous to say the least because what if Simon says I can't bring her. I don't know what I'd do.

We walked into the office and saw Liam and Harry waiting for us. We all went in and Simon had an expressionless face on. We sat down and hoped it wasn't bad news.

"I got some bad news for you Louis. You can't bring Hailey on tour it's not safe." Simon said. My heart sank then I took a deep breath and said what I had too.

"Then I quit"

"What?" Simon said surprised.

"I quit, I can't leave her with anyone because the only people she will let hold her are in this room minus Gigi and Cheryl." I said standing up to leave.

"Louis sit down" Simon said.

"Why, so you can tell me I can't bring my daughter on tour!" I yelled.

"No, you can bring her just make sure you take extreme care of her." He said making me sit down and sigh in relief.

"I promise" I said. We all left the office and drove back home. I got out and unbuckled Hailey then took her inside. Zayn and Liam left probably to see their girlfriends, Harry went into his room while Niall headed for the kitchen. I sat down on the floor to change Hailey's diaper. Hailey apparently didn't like that so she started to fuss. "Hey little one there is no need to fuss daddy is right here." I said putting her new diaper on after I cleaned her up. She calmed down and looked up at me smiling. "Daddy loves you so much little one." I said smiling at her. I heard two "aw's" and looked up to see Harry and Niall.
I ignored them and picked up Hailey before I took her to my room to pack. Once I was packed I went in to Hailey's room and packed her clothes and other things for the trip when my phone went off. I picked my phone up then looked at the caller ID and didn't recognize the number. I answered it and my heart dropped.

"Mr. Tomlinson, I hear you have my daughter. I want her back."

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