The Interview

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(Hailey's dress)

A week later

We were all downstairs playing cards when we heard Hailey's glass shattering cries. I rushed upstairs and opened her door, rushing over to her I picked her up and rocked her.

"It's okay Hailey I'm here, daddy is here." I said taking her downstairs to get her a bottle. I handed her to Zayn before making her a bottle. I made sure to test it on my skin so it wasn't to hot before I took Hailey back and sat down on the couch. I put the nipple in her mouth and she began to suck. Liam's cellphone went off and he picked up. I ignored him wanting to stay in this moment with Hailey. Liam sighed and hung up the phone.

"We have a interview today in about five hours." Liam said. Everyone but me got up and went to get ready. I waited till she was finished before burping her. Niall came down and sat next to me.

"Let me take her so you can get ready." He said. I looked at him before handing her over. She looked at Niall and was about to cry but Niall started tickling her sides and she began to laugh and she didn't notice me slip away to get ready. I hurried back down stairs with Hailey's new dress once I was ready. I stopped at the sight, the boys were singing "Little Things" and apparently that was Hailey's new favorite thing because she was smiling the whole way through. Once they were done I walked over and started undressing her. She started to fuss but the boys had my back and started singing "Night Changes". I sang my part as I zipped up her dress.

"There you go Hailey all dressed up." I said then gave her a big sloppy kiss on her cheek making her laugh.

"Okay let's go" Liam said. I picked Hailey up and carried her out to my car then buckled her in. Zayn and Niall decided to ride with me while Liam and Harry went in Liam's car. I got in the drivers seat with Zayn riding shot gun and Niall in the back with Hailey. We drove to the place where the interview was and there were already fans there. I groaned and got out. I quickly opened the door, unbuckled Hailey, picked her up and we all ran inside. Lou was waiting for us with Lux and she started freaking out on how cute Hailey is. She quickly did our make up and fixed our hair before it was time for the interview. I handed Hailey to Lou.

"Here's One Direction" Jimmy Fallon said as we walked out on stage and sat down on the couches. "So glad you guys are here."

"So glad to be here Jimmy." Zayn said.

"So Zayn, are you and Gigi Hadid dating?" He asked.

"Yes, it will be a year next week." Zayn said (A/N I have no idea how long they have been dating)

"Congratulations" Jimmy said but was interrupted by a crying baby. "Someone doesn't sound happy." Jimmy laughed making everyone laugh.

"That would be my daughter." I said.

"Your daughter?" Jimmy said.

"Yeah, I have always wanted to be a dad and I am financially, physically, and emotionally ready so I decided to adopted." I said.

"And what is her name?" He asked.

"Her name is Hailey Amber Tomlinson." I said

"Why don't you bring her out so we can meet the little one?" He said.

"Sure" I got up and walked in the back and took Hailey from Lou. I went back out there and sat back down with Hailey on my lap. I took her extra binky out of my pocket and put it in her mouth so she wouldn't cry.

"Isn't she the cutest" Jimmy said "You all must adore her."

"We do" Harry said.

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