The Plan

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Louis's POV

I was sitting with Grace and her other friend Paige in Grace's house when Niall and Astrid came in holding hands.

"Niall, this is one of my best friends Paige. Paige, this is my boyfriend Niall." Astrid said.

"Nice to meet you Paige." Niall said shaking Paige's hand.

"You too Niall" Paige said. They took a seat across from us then began talking to us. They asked how I came to have Hailey, who was sleeping in Grace's arm. I told them about it and they said that was cool.

"So Louis do you have any single friends?" Astrid asked. "Because Paige is single and we have been trying to get her a man but she is to shy to talk to them."

"Astrid shut up" Paige said then turned to me. "Louis, you don't have to answer that because I can get a guy if I wanted too."

"Actually I do have a friend that is single. He's actually the only man in our band that doesn't have a girlfriend." I said

"I think you would like Harry, he is a gentleman." Niall said.

"The issue is not me liking him it's him liking me. Every boy I like doesn't like me back." Paige said.

"Then those boys are fools because you are beautiful Paige." I said.

"We have been telling her that for three years but she won't listen to us." Grace said

"I have a great idea." Astrid said.

"What is it babe?" Niall asked.

"Why don't we have a triple date. You and me, Louis and Grace, and Harry and Paige?" Astrid said. I looked at Grace and she nodded.

"Grace and I are in." I said. We all looked at Paige and she sighed and nodded.

"But if this date goes badly I am blaming you guys." She said.

"Well then the only person we need to convince is Harry." I said.

"Harry is a laid back guy. I bet he'd agree to it." Niall said.

"Great, so we will all meet up tomorrow at one then head to dinner at La Fronte." Astrid said. We all agreed then I took Hailey from Grace before I kissed her goodbye and left. Niall doing the same we walked out to the car and drove home. Harry was in the kitchen eating some eggs when we walked in.

"How was meeting Grace's friends?" Harry asked. Niall told him all about Astrid and Harry smiled and congratulated him. "What happened next?" He asked.

"Well we all ended up sitting around Grace's living room talking about having a triple date." I said.

"Really, who is coming?" Harry asked.

"Grace and I, Astrid and Niall and.. You and Paige." I said.

"I will go on this date but if it goes badly I am blaming you two." Harry said making us chuckle.

"Paige said the same thing." I said making Harry chuckle.

"Wise woman" he said.

"The date is tomorrow at one at La Fronte." Niall said

"Okay, is Zayn watching Hailey again?" Harry said

"Yeah, I called him on the way home and he said he would love too." I said. They nodded and we agreed to ride together in the Subaru.

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