Niall and Astrid

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This is my favorite chapter to write

Niall's POV

I watched my little girl cover my wife's body in sand while I sat on the sidelines. Man, has it been the wildest years of my life. Astrid and I got married five years ago to this day and it is also the day we had Peyton. It was one crazy day that ended very well. Astrid's water broke half way through the ceremony and so we skipped the vows and went straight to the I do's. Peyton Horan was now and forever will be the apple of my eye.

"Daddy, come play with us." Peyton said

"Yeah daddy come and play." Astrid said giving me one of her dazzling smiles. I got up and walked to them before taking a seat next to Peyton. I began helping her pile sand on Astrid.

"Happy Anniversary baby" Astrid said. I leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

"Happy anniversary" I said not noticing a certain little girl sneak off. I did notice when water was dumped over my head. I turned to see Peyton laughing her butt off. What was worse was Astrid was now laughing her butt off too.

"So that's how you want it." I said. I quickly picked up Peyton and ran to the ocean.

"Mommy help me." Peyton yelled. I heard footsteps running towards me and I quickly dunked Peyton before turning and catching Astrid and dunked her too. I laughed and ran out of the water. Astrid and Peyton took me down on the ground and I laughed even more.

"You think that's funny well take this." Astrid said before Peyton and Astrid started tickling me.

"Okay, I am sorry please stop." I begged.

"Tell us that girls rule and boys drool." Peyton said

"Girls rule and boys drool." I said and they stopped tickling me. Peyton and Astrid went back in the water and played some more while I watched them. It had been tough after the band took a break. I was lost but finding out Astrid was pregnant got me out of it and I was excited about it. Now I am doing charity golf and soccer, helping Astrid, playing with Peyton and write songs. All of these things make me happy and I know that without Peyton and Astrid I would be nothing.

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