Meeting the Boys

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(Hailey's room)

Louis's POV
By the time Hailey and I got home I had calmed down. I got out of the car then took a sleeping Hailey out of the car and walked inside. I saw Harry and Niall playing on the Wii, Liam reading a book and Zayn on his phone probably texting Gigi. Liam looked up and smiled at me. He stood up and walked toward us.

"She's pretty" he said making the boys look at me. They all stood up and rushed towards me asking question.

"What's her name?" Zayn asked.

"How old is she?" Liam asked.

"Can I hold her?" Niall asked.

"Can I play with her?" Harry asked. By the time they finished asking question Hailey was awake and crying from being surrounded.

"Back off you vultures." I said guarding my precious daughter away from them. Liam made everyone sit down. I sat down next to Zayn. Hailey had calmed down and was looking around the room curiously.

"So now that we are all sitting down and are calm tell us about your daughter." Liam said.

"This is Hailey Amber Tomlinson, she's four months old." I said before telling them what Meg told me. Harry jumped up and went over to Hailey.

"Don't worry little one we won't let that mean lady hit you anymore." He said stroking Hailey's cheek. Hailey tried to move away but when she couldn't she started crying. Niall laughed at Harry's frowning expression.

"Looks like you found the only girl that doesn't adore Harry Styles." Harry glared at Niall before sitting down. Hailey looked at the guys and noticed Zayn on his phone. She reached over and grabbed Zayn's phone, almost dropping it before she sticks the tip of the corner in her mouth and sucked on it.

"Hey, that's not a chew toy." Zayn said grabbing the phone from Hailey. Hailey looked at Zayn then up at me before bursting out crying.

"Now you've done it Zayn." Liam said. Zayn glared at Liam before taking Hailey from me and turning her to face him. He began making funny faces at her. Hailey stopped crying and watched Zayn make funny faces at her before she began to laugh.

"I think she likes you Zayn." I said smiling. Zayn smiled at Hailey before turning to me.

"I think I like her too." Zayn said. I watched Hailey slowly fall asleep on Zayn chest. I picked her up and told the guys I was going to put her down for a nap. I walked upstairs and to her room that was next to mine. I walked in and went over to crib and put her down before kissing her forehead then turning on the baby monitor, grabbing the other one and leaving the room.

Hope you liked it
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