Liam and Cheryl

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So I decided to let each of the boys have their own chapter. One more thing they decided to take a break since they haven't seen their families in awhile.

Liam's POV

I walked into my house and see my beautiful wife Cheryl playing with our twins Kaden and Lillian. They were four years old

Cheryl and I had got married two years years ago and were loving life then we found out we were having the twins and we were ecstatic.

"Daddy" Lillian yelled before running towards me. Lillian was definitely a daddy's girl. She wanted to do everything with me where Kaden was a mama's boy who wanted to do everything thing with Cheryl. I picked Lillian up and kissed her cheek.

"How was preschool today princess?" I asked.

"Great, we color picture today and I color a dragon daddy." Lillian said

"Really, that sounds awesome." I said walking towards Cheryl. I put Lillian down then kissed my wife. I kissed my sons cheek before sitting down on the coach. Lillian climbed up on my lap while Cheryl picked up Kaden and sat down next to me.

The boys and I decided that we wanted to go on break because we hardly got to see are families and wanted to spend some time with them but we had promised our fans we would be back in 2017 and be better than ever. So now my days were filled with doing errands for Cheryl, playing with my kids and help up and coming artist reach their potential. I still see the boys every Tuesdays and Fridays for guy's night but that's it. My life has changed for the better and I can't wait to see what else is in store.

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