Chapter Two

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Lucas POV

I held onto the knob as tightly as I could. I leaned back with all my weight. Trying to keep it from turning, as the door was jostled. This wasn't going to last long, he could definitely blast this door down without any problems.

I quickly took a look behind me to the window above the toilet. It was slightly ajar, with no screen covering it up.

I heard my heart in my ears, and my hands started to shake. I brought my palm up and blasted a simple lock spell on the knob. This would hopefully give me enough time to escape.

I dashed for the window, and tried to pull up. It wouldn't budge. I kept jarring the window up with my palms until they were cut and bleeding. The window was just cracked open enough were a could slip my body through. I slithered my torso and waist out, holding onto the window seal and pulling.

I only had my legs left. I flipped over on my back and started wiggling fiercely. Holding onto the top of the window.

My stomach dropped when large sharp hands grasped my bare ankles. I kicked out, twisting my feat trying to dislodge his grip. He held hard, and I cried out in pain when he squeezed tightly.

He jerked my body back inside, tears dropped down my face when the wood of the window scraped my stomach. Drawing blood. I still held on though, my nails cracking and bleeding. One final jerk caused me to lose my grip and smack my jaw on the window. I groaned in pain as he tossed me to the floor.

I tried to push my palms beneath me and get up, but he kept me down with a binding spell. My vision was blurred, and pulsing pain coursed through my body. I vaguely heard banging on the door. As I was shucked over a broad shoulder.

I groaned, his shoulder digging into my stomach harshly. He wrapped his arm over my back, keeping me in place.
My ears started to pop, and I let out a gasp of pain. My eyes screwing shut as the ringing intensified.

I felt my body being put delicately on top of a soft surface. My eyesight was still blurry, and I could only see naked tan skin. I tried to lift my hand, focusing on the energy around me. I felt a large palm curl around mine, silencing my magic. "Not now little Warlock."

I felt him rip off my tattered shirt."Tsk tsk you shouldn't of struggled so hard, you ruined such beautiful, pale skin." He licked the long scratch above my naval. I winced grasping the curling horns atop his head trying to push his head away. He moved, pulling my pants and underwear down with him. He held each ankle and licked the bruised skin. Moving back up to cleanse my bloodied hands with his tongue.

The ringing in my ears ceased, and my Senses came back. Slow and deliberate. When I could finally feel my limbs I lurched up, and tumbled away from the looming demon.

He grinned, showing a straight set of pointed teeth. His forked tongue slithered over them, catching all my blood."your blood tastes delicious."

I pulled further away, my body still sore but my wounds already healed."Fucking take me back home." I glared at him.

He pushed his hand under the blanket and latched onto my thigh before I could move. I cried out again and tried to latch onto something as I was pulled towards him."No! Let me go."

He flipped me onto my stomach. Holding my hips and pulling them back towards the large, hanging meat at the peak of his thighs.

I tried to turn over and push at him, but he kept me down and docile."Such pale, beautiful skin." He ran his hands down my sides.

"Let me go," I tried to lurch out of his grip again. Not to keen of his hands on my body. He held me still, letting me kick and claw but not letting me move from this position. I finally dropped my head to the blankets, panting.

"Come in!" He hollered to the door. I bent my head back to look. Three figures entered. There heads and body's covered completely by red robes. There hands carrying platters of what looked like jewels and gold.

They pulled up next to the demon holding me. Holding out the platter. With one hand keeping me in place, he picked through the platters.

He pulled out black cuffs, and went towards my hands. I pushed my hands under my body.

"Grab and hold out his hands." One of the robed figures came around and pulled out my hands. Letting the demon cuff my hands.

After a while of my struggling hoping they would give up and leave me be. I lay flat on the bed and let them finish.

Cuffs were placed around my ankles, and jewels adorned my fingers. Bulking necklaces kissed my collar. He shackled my feet together but let my arms free.

When they were finished I tried to get up, but he pushed me back down. "You weren't permitted to walk."

I glared up at him my eyes fierce. "I let you dress me up, now let me go!"

He pulled me up to my knees by my hips. Pushing his head in my chest."I can't let you go, you're my mate now."

I slapped his head and pulled on one of his horns."If you don't let me go I'll make your life a living hell."

He kissed my belly. "Bring it on Lucas."

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