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Prince Lucus  by SapphiresAndTwilight
Prince Lucus by Eat_Concreate33
18-year-old Melanie Ray has been in a pet shop for 3 years. She lost her parents during a house fire one night while vampires destroyed and burned the town. A vampire p...
School of life by littlered1989
School of lifeby littlered1989
In a school called Sacred heart high its like any other school with dress codes, uniforms, rules, and standards of what they have to learn, that is until the parents lea...
bunny boy x fem. wolf reader by Deviant-nico
bunny boy x fem. wolf readerby Deviant
(y/n) has a boyfriend who she's been dating for a long time, he's part bunny too. he has bunny ears and a cute cotton tail. (y/n) is his sweet wolf bae. (this isn't me...
Together forever  by user57658294
Together forever by
" do you want me sweet cheeks " "No you fucking asshole" "Well you are sooner or later " ...
Savage love by sjksjksjksjksjksjk
Savage loveby Hola niño
Not your typical shy girl, aggressive boy story.
Obey by thesmutboy
Obeyby Y/N'sworstnightmare
Y/N a young college drop out meets a successful business man Henry. He asks you to come live with him and be his new Submissive.
ideas for thos who need ideas by cynthiafirst
ideas for thos who need ideasby itsblankcanvas
yeah there writer who needs idea. pardon my english these are basically my imagination while i space out
Love Him by notnormal124
Love Himby L.
Daddy loves me. He cares about me, buys me presents, and when I'm a good girl he pleasures me.
How To Sell A Boy by FrnkIerosTattoos
How To Sell A Boyby sup fam
The deep web is a fun place...
Troublemakers Turned Submissive by GazeDreamer
Troublemakers Turned Submissiveby GazeDreamer
Devon's been in the system for as long as he could remember, bouncing from house to house, but never finding a place he could call home. After finally settling into his...
8 Letters (On Hold) by LG88Leuthardt
8 Letters (On Hold)by LG Leuthardt
What happens when homeless and pregnant, Leyla a 19 year old shows up at Blast company looking for a job with no experience.
Dear double diary by Epicprincess301
Dear double diaryby Epicprincess301
this is my perspective on my adventure full of drama, fun,sex and adventure. This is me Princess ,and this is my story; along with a friend who is seeing this from afar...
Learning Your Place. by A_Sterling
Learning Your A Sterling
Michael is yet to learn what his new boss expects from his assistants and how they are expected to preform.
The Wanted by XKLarson1015X
The Wantedby CissaBlack1015
When there is this ultimate decision, who do you love more. What would anyone pick? The shy guy, or the powerful one? Willow is a regular teenage girl, or so you think...
beginners guide to bdsm by phanisdaddys
beginners guide to bdsmby littlewolf
no its not all '50 shades' bdsm is quite difrent in many ways and hear is everything you NEED to know about this life. without further ado...FREE THE KINKS!
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Not good at being a borrower by crazyalex62
Not good at being a borrowerby Gental_Giantess's
this is a story about a borrower named Alex who has left home and found a place in a giantess's house to live. Alex will need to live with the giantess if he wants to su...