Chapter Three

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Lucas POV

The demon flipped my over his shoulder. Holding me down with a hand on my bottom.

I threw an experimental punch on his back. Not even a wince or a flinch, it was if I never even punched him. He kept going with his long, determined strides.

"You know, I didn't really mean to summon you. It just happened." I said, my voice sounding a little congested from my position."Maybe we can over look this?"

He grunted but didn't speak back.

We came to a room, the rooms you would see in Victorian era movies. It looked like a throne room. With no windows and in a dark, foreboding color. I held myself up on his shoulders to get a better view.

A large dark throne sat at the end of the walkway. I nearly gagged when I saw bones encrusted along the surface. Behind it, lay a bed. Not really a bed but a large cage like frame with blankets and pillows inside. The whole scene reminded me of a harem. 

He walked up the steps to the throne. Flipping me upright again. He held me with one arm under my bottom. Keeping me plastered against his chest.

He sat down, me sitting with my back against his torso.

I saw his clawed fingers motion to something to my right. A servant came out. Covered in black robes and walking with a slight limp. Holding a pair of dark shackles in his hands. I knew it was a man by his hands. Blunted finger nails and pale. Like a humans.

The demon unshackled my feet, reaching for the shackles without a chain connecting them."You must always wear shackles on your feet. It shows your Union and dependency to your mate."

He clipped the darker ones on. Then flipped me over to face him. Pulling my legs around his waist. I felt a large fur drape across my back. Cocooning me in warmth. I didn't like it, and he knew that.

"Send them in." His voice rumbled.

"Yes, lord Raoul"

Raoul his name.

I hear doors opening and people entering. Only by the sound of their footsteps. Their mouths didn't utter a word. 

Political talk soon took over the room. I would have followed but they were talking in a strange language.

I didn't mind. I was already forming a plan to escape. I knew some spells, useless spells at the time, but now they could really come in handy.

I moved my hands down his back, slowly. Barely brushing my fingertips down his spine. He tensed moving his hand to cradle the back of my head. I grinned.

I started to slowly rock myself on his lap. He pushed me closer to stop.

I clenched my thighs harshly around his waist. Grinding down now on his hardening crotch. I pushed my hands in his pants and grasped his ass and pushed him closer to me. I then let out a loud, breathy moan. That echoed in the room. Everything went silent.

Raoul grasped the back of my neck, and I couldn't stop grinning. Who needs spells when you have the power of seduction.

My satisfaction soon turned to dread when he pulled off the fur. He flipped, so I was facing forwards. And pulled my thighs back.

The red, glowing eyes of the demons in the room stared back at me. Some held sympathy, others relief, and some gleamed with jealousy.

Raoul held me super tight around my stomach. Reaching down my pants with his other hand to grasp my member. I froze, my cheeks flaming red.

His breath was at my ear."Two can play at this game princess." His voice whispered in my ear. Then he started to stroke me.

I clenched my teeth, trying to control my hormones. But when an attractive specimen is giving your mini me attention it's kinda hard.

My embarrassment swarmed me like bees, and I eventually couldn't take this humiliation.

What was even worse was everyone kept discussing around me. Like this was a normal occurrence.

I eventually couldn't take it."please," I whispered. Tilting my head back."please."

"Giving up so soon?" He smirked.

"Please," I Almost cried out. Tears pooling at the corners of my eyes.

He slipped his hand free and and stood up. Walking around the back and laying me on the bed like contraption. He locked my feet to the chain hanging off the frame.

Bending down he kissed my forehead. I turned my head away. I never thought he would do something like that.

He crawled on the pillows with me. Pulling a curtain closed behind us. Giving us some privacy.

He pushed his hands back in my pants, and continued stroking. Until I muffled my orgasmic cries in the pillow.

I lay there soiled in my pants. My body dazed and tired.

He kissed my forehead again. And pulled some furs around my shoulders. "Try to get some rest." With a kiss to my sweaty forehead he escaped back to business.

I laid there. Confused, tired, pissed. But oddly content.

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