Chapter One

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Lucas POV

I walked down the crowded sidewalk. While I twiddled a packet of original starbursts that I "borrowed" from my mother's candy stash between my fingers. My earphones were jammed in and I was bobbing my head and singing obnoxiously to Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners. Ignoring the hostile stares of passerby and choosing to smile back at the oddballs who dared to grin at my energetic form.

I felt free, alive and nothing was going to ruin this moment for me........ Except maybe the fact that I was tardy for a coven meeting.

I just couldn't miss the opening of my new book, so I practically raced to the bookstore and beat down some pedestrians on my journey. Everything felt better when I grasped the newest copy of The Noble Dead saga by Barb and J.C Hendee. Now here I was skipping down the sidewalk like a pansy.

I didn't worry to much about being late. I mean I was already late, and I don't think it matters much how late you are when you're late.

My dad seemed to think otherwise, as I tip toed up the steps to my home. Before I could grasp the knob the door was flung open presenting my glowering dad and my mothers little head peeking up behind him.

"Where were you?" He said in a eerily calm voice,his hands on his hips.

"Well..." I said, pulling out my earphones and twisting my legs. "The opening for my book was today and I knew I had to get there immediately, you know how brutal it gets." I threw my hands up in the air, "like last time I had to wait two weeks because stupid Mrs. Huber smuggled the last one and I don't think I could suffer through the pain of her taunting again," then I graced my father with an innocent smile, and big doe eyes.

My charm didn't enchant him, as he moved out of the way and pointed upstairs. My room. With a pout that would benefit any sad child I slunked upstairs to my bedroom.

"Ah ah, not so fast young man go and apologize to everyone for your behavior."

"But Daaaad," I cried dragging my feet and flailing my arms.

"No buts! Go right now," he pointed to the dining area were I heard the chitter chatter of my family.

With an angry sneer I changed the course of my heels to the dining table. I heard my dad's loud feet and my moms soft ones follow me.

I stood in the entrance and looked over my coven, which was my family. All girls since male witches were hard to come by. Me and my dad were the only ones. Most of my aunts married some supernatural being and now they all sat around the table looking at me expectingly.

My grandmother sat at the head. Her short curly auburn hair was tied up in a severe bun. The grey streaks the only sign that her youth was withering away. My aunt Merrill sat beside her holding a baby on her knee and the other one pulling at her arms. Blonde hair lay flat and tired around her serene face but her eyes and lips still contained a content smile. Her beta werewolf husband Donnavan sat beside her holding a pair of twin boys on his lap, one hand was holding hers as he gazed lovingly at his family.

Beside them sat Aaliyah.Curly auburn hair lay down to her chest that was now captured in a series of beautiful braids. She was my most glamorous aunt with makeup and fire cracker attitude she seemed to have a new guy every week. Next was Calliope she was nine months pregnant, and still would not give up. Fiercely independent, I am surprised her fey fiancé Adonis is able to keep up with her. Then came Eimear with her very long black hair and bright bubbly attitude. As she cooed and tickled her first newborn baby that was laughing excitingly. Adriel a strong powerful vampire had his arm wrapped possessively around her shoulders as he looked everyone down.

Last but not least was my favorite aunt Lilith and my uncle Darius who was a panther shifter. They sat beside each other talking about there oldest daughters graduation next month. As i gazed out at my growing family I was extremely happy I had them all.

"Lucious my sweet little grandson how was your day?" My grandmother smiled at me from across the table.

"Well I we-"

"Mother, Lucas is here to apologize for his tardiness not for you to spoil him." My father fumed behind me.

"Oh cut him some slack Connovar let the kid have some fun once and while," Aaliyah piped up winking at me as I tried not to laugh.

"Shut it Aaliyah I'm the parent."

"Oh leave him be Conn I'm sure he meant no harm," my grandmother scolded him before turning to me. "Now go have some fun sweetie I'll take care of your dad,"she winked at me.

"Thanks grandma!" I smiled brightly before escaping the wrath known as my father.

I raced upstairs clutching my new book between my hands. The excitement causing me to nearly burst. I couldn't wait to hop on my bed, crank up my heated blanket and curl up in my most comfortable pillows as I read each page.

I was just about to do that. Then my mom came walking in my room. One of her hands placed on her cocked hip the other palm up and outstretched towards me.

"Aww really mom, come on." I whined looking up at her pleadingly.

"Luscious Desmond Dale, right now!" She only had to raise her voice a little. As I all but ran up to her and handed over my book.

"Thank you, now you sit in here and think about what you did I got a book to read," she smiled evilly and left my room. Leaving me with my mouth agape in surprise. Now I know were I get my deceitfulness.

I slammed my face into my pillow, hard. Now what was I going to do.
After a moment a small grin formed on my face. I reached my hand under my pillow. Pulling out a heavy and old book. My family's book of spells.

It gets passed down to generation after generation. And now it was my turn to have it.

I flipped through the pages fast. Looking for something worth reading. Something caught my eye. I stopped. 'Summoning ghosts'.

I smiled even bigger. What better to scare my family than to summon a ghost. My dad was going to have a cow.

I closed my eyes while chanting the mantra inside the book. Over and over again I said the words. I felt energy surround me. Then a loud popping sound echoed all around the room. Shaking the whole house. I flew back and hit the wall, hard. I groaned as I rolled off my bed and onto the floor.

I felt a bruise already start to form on my back. I opened my eyes, and started to cough when smoke invaded my mouth and nose. I think I did something wrong.

The floor board creaked. I looked up from my kneeling position. To see a large very not ghost like body in front of me.

He was big and naked. With large jutting horns wrapped around his head. Sharp teeth, piercing gold slitted eyes, and striking Crimson hair. Deeply tanned body. With a long black tail curling behind his back. Sharp nails, and a body covered in geometric tattoos. Not a ghost but a demon.

I screeched at the top of my lungs and dived for my bathroom. He tried to grab me but I was to quick. Shutting and locking the door. I held the door as I breathed deeply in and out.

I heard the stomping sounds of my family rushing up the stairs. All I knew was that I was in deep shit.

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