7- Love is a harsh thing!

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A- Hai pretty!
S- Look how hot my girlfriend is!
A- Hot? I just woke up, but your morning voice kills me!

I snuggled into Ally's chest as the morning sun shone through the crack in the curtains, she squeezed me tight and spread kisses across the top of my head.

A- Stevieeeee you know how I was telling you about when Daniel came out and how I didn't want to come out until I had somewhere to stay? Well... I decided since we're girlfriends and since I'm to old to live with my parents I should come out to them  today, and I was wandering of you would come with me and help me?!
S- I would love for us to live together and yes of course I'll help you I think that it's a good idea to tell them today also because you can't hide it from them any longer!
A- Thank you so much! Also one more thing!
S- What is it?!
A- I want someone else to help me to, Daniel! I think we should go to his house, introduce you to him and then go straight to my parents house and I will take it from there?!
S- That sounds good! I'm excited to meet Daniel and Ally you already know I will do anything to help you! *I pulled Ally's face close to mine and interlocked our lips as we lay on the bed in each other's arms! Our lips moved in sync as we held each other tighter, I pulled away from Ally and crawled out of our bed!*
A- Hey! Why did you stop you tease?
S- Don't you think we should get going?!
A- I suppose so! *I folded my arms grumpily like a child!*

Once Ally and I got ready we ate breakfast and drove to Daniels house. When we arrived Ally knocked on the door!

D(Daniel Ally's brother!)- *I opened the door to see my beautiful little sister!* Oh my god Ally!! I missed you, come in come in!
A- Hey Daniel!!! Where's Lara?(Daniels Fiancé)
D- Oh Lara? She went to the grocery store! Who's this! *A tall slim girl followed behind Ally holding her hand as we sat on the couch.*
A- Daniel, Stevie. Stevie, Daniel! Daniel this is Stevie who's actually my girlfriend! Surprise!
D- Awhhh I'm so happy for you guys! Hey Stevie! Nice to meet you!*Stevie and I both stood up and hugged then she sat back down and Ally took her hand!*
S- Hi, Daniel I've heard lots about you! Ally never shuts up about how great of a brother you are!
D- Hahaha
A- Okay guys that's enough, Daniel I'm actually here to ask you a serious question as well as introducing you to Stevie!
D- Oh god you've scared me now, what is it?
A- I've already asked Stevie and obviously she agreed so I was hoping you'd come with the two of us so I can come out to Mom and Dad?!
D- Of course I'll come but are you sure you want to do this? You saw what happened when I came out didn't you?!
A- I'm sure Dan! Come on we need to go!
D- Okay, let's go then.

Ally, Daniel and I all got in the car. I drove because Ally was to nervous and Daniel sat in the backseat, as I drove I held Ally's and and rubbed her legs because she was shaking from her nerves! Then Ally started explaining what was going to happen;

A- Okay guys what we're gonna do is I'm going to go in and ask them to sit in the living room so I can talk to them and you two are going to wait just outside the living room door! I'll call Stevie in first and Daniel I'll call you in so you both need to listen carefully!
S+D- Sounds good!

Once we arrived at Mr and Mrs Hills's house all three of us stepped out of the car, Ally walked in as Daniel and I stayed in the porch. After a couple minuets we looked through the window and Ally and her parents were sat in the living room so we decided to creep in and listen to the conversation;

H(Ally's mom Helen)- Ally we're so glad you're here, what do you need to talk about?
D(Ally's dad David)- It better be something decent!
A- Well I need to tell you something but mostly I want to introduce you to someone very important to me, I love them with all my heart and it would mean a hell of a lot to me if you were nice to them....
H- Are you introducing your boyfriend?!?!
D- Oh I really hope you are!
A- Urrrrmmm w-well no-not exact-exactly *My nerves were beginning to take over, I shouted into the other room* Stevieeee please can you come in? *Stevie nervously wandered into the room glancing at the Jesus crap plastered all over the walls, she sat beside me and discretely took my hand...* Mom, Dad I would like to introduce you to Stevie, Stevie is my girlfriend and urmmmm I-I'm g-a-gay....

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