5- Please stay...

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I clambered into the back of the ambulance as the sirens began to blast we were rushing down the busy streets. I sat beside Stevie and grasped her hand whilst the paramedics continued to do tests and checks. In no time at all we had made it to the hospital where Stevie was frantically wheeled out of the ambulance and was pushed throughout the hospital where I followed closely behind continuing to hold her limp, pale hand. Then I was asked to sit in the waiting room where a doctor proceeded to come and talk to me.

D(doctor)- Hey. You must be Ally Hills...
A- Yeah, that's me *I felt multiple tears rolling down my cheeks as the doctor rubbed my back*
D- So urmm how do you know Stevie?
A- *omg he asked me how I know her, now he's gonna ask me exactly what happened!* Well urrr last night I was playing a gig at a bar and she was at the back of the room and she was staring into my eyes and when I was done I guess we just started talking and there was some kind of instant connection.....
D- Oh okay cool, so what did you do after that?
A- We went to her apartment, ate snacks, watched Netflix and then we told each other what has happened in our lives, since neither of us, especially Stevie, have had particularly easy lives we really bonded over that.
D- Aww that's cute, so how did Stevie hurt herself this morning?
A- Oh urrrrrr well she made us breakfast and *shit make something believable up!* then we were hanging out and dancing in the living room to Fleetwood Mac when she was walking backwards and she tripped and fell through the glass coffee table and hit her head on the metal frame......*that was great!Well done Ally*
D- Okay, let's talk about how she is now.... so currently Stevie is getting ready to go into surgery because since she's so tall she had along way to fall and she hit her head very hard and it cracked her skull.*as I said that Ally's face dropped and she burst into tears, she clearly already has strong feelings for this girl!*
A- Wh-what is she okay I have to see her?*fuck fuck fuck Stevie please please be okay, at this point I had burst into tears I didn't know you could have so many feeling for someone in such little time!*
D- Ally darling, she's going to be okay calm down.*she started to calm down as I rubbed her back* Two years ago I lost my beloved boyfriend of eight years to cancer so now I'm raising our two year old daughter alone, we couldn't even get married because gay marriage wasn't legal. I miss him so much everyday and I know you only met Stevie last night but that doesn't  mean you can't care for her with all of your heart but please don't upset yourself Stevie is alright!
A- I'm so sorry you had to go through that...*I rubbed his hand as a tear rolled down his cheek* Thank you for understanding, when will I be able to see her?
D- Don't worry about me, I'm alright. You'll be able to see her in about an hour, by the way my names Korey!Maybe we could meet up sometime?
A- Good, yeah! We should totally meet up I would love to meet your daughter, what's her name?
D- Her names Delilah, Jacob chose it. Jacob being my old boyfriend.
A- Delilah's a beautiful name, my brother used to be called Delilah!

Korey and I continued to talk about our lives such as my brother Daniels transition, coming out, Delilah his daughter and we also exchanged phone numbers! After talking for about 45 minuets he decided we should go and see if Stevie's okay, when we arrived at her room she was fast asleep with a bandage around her delicate head.

A- Hai pretty lady *I took her hand and held it to my chest, I continued to hold her hand and I kissed her cheek.*
K(Korey aka the doctor!)- Ally, I'm just going to run a few checks and tests on Stevie feel free to stay where you are, I won't make you leave!
A- Thanks Korey!

Whilst Korey was checking Stevie she began to stir....

S- Hey beautiful! *my head hurt as I looked up towards Ally who was clinging onto my hand.*
A- You're awake! I'm so happy! Are you feeling better?
S- Yeah I'm feeling much better but my head still hurts a little, I might need a new coffee table!
A- Haha maybe! We'll I'm glad you're feeling better! Oh Stevie this is Korey, your doctor him and I have been talking for the past hour!
K- Hey Stevie I'm almost done with these tests, then I'll get you some medicine to stop your head from throbbing!


I sat up and scooted to one side of the bed and patted beside me for Ally to snuggle with me.

S- Penguin come sit! *Korey giggled when I called Ally penguin!*
A- *I climbed into the small hospital bed next to Stevie then cuddled into her neck as she rested her head on me, I really like this girl!*
K- Awhhh you two are the cutest!
A- Haha, by the way Stevie I texted your dad's five minuets ago and told them what happened they should be here really soon!
K- Dads?
A- Oh yeah! Sorry I forgot to mention Stevie has two dads, Stevie I got Koreys phone number and we're going to meet up with him and his daughter! *As Korey walked into another room to get medicine I told Stevie what happened to Koreys boyfriend.*
K- *I walked back in with the medicine* I would love to meet your dads!
S- Of course, I'm sure they would be delighted to meet you!

Just as we were talking about them my dads (Jake and Mike) burst through the door behind a nurse!

J- Oh my gosh Stevie! We were worried sick. *I saw Mike smirk at the same time as me when we both noticed that there was another girl in the hospital bed looking pretty cosy with Stevie!😏*
S- Dad I'm fine! *Ally coughed and squeezed my hand, which she hadn't let go of since she got here which honestly I don't mind! I want her to hold me forever.* Oh Dad, Dad this is Ally *I say looking down at the blushing Ally* if it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't be okay! And this *I say pointing at Korey who was messing around with wires* is Korey my doctor and new friend!
M- Well we're so glad you're okay! Nice to meet you Korey and nice to meet you Ally *I said as I winked at her, she giggled in reply!*
A- I'm just gonna go to the bathroom! *I say so Stevie can speak to her parents, at least her dads are super nice. This is the first time I let Stevie go since I saw her after surgery.* Bye lady *I say squeezing Stevie's hand before letting it go and grinning at her!*

Ally squeezed my hand and grinned at me before wandering of to the bathroom I smile as I watch her walk out adorably! Then my dads started asking annoying questions!

J- Oh my god! Who is she? She's so cute!
S- Seriously dad?!
M- Stevie, where and when did you meet her? Do you like her?
S- Fine! I met her last night at a bar, she was playing a gig, by the way you have to hear her sing she sounds like and angel! Whilst she was playing her guitar she was staring at me and I stared back at her, when she was done she approached me and then we went back to my place and hung out. Then we started telling each other everything that's happened in our lives and we really bonded. And yes, fine I do like her....
J- Last night?! You're acting like she's your girlfriend! Also she seems to really like you, in case you hadn't noticed!
S- We're hardly acting like girlfriends all she was doing was holding my hand!Do you really think she likes me?*I asked probably showing a bit too if my excitement!*
M- Only holding your hand?! You were cuddling right up to each other, we saw you loosen up and back off a bit when we walked in! And yes she looks like she likes you as much as you like her! What el....

My dad was cut off by Ally walking back in the room!

A- Urrrrmmm I-I think I might head off now.....
S- No! Please stay penguin!
J+M- Penguin?!
S+A- Long story!!

We all laughed at once because we said the same things! Soon I was discharged with only a minor concussion so me and Ally headed to my apartment as my dads went back to their house.

Hey!Like I said I'll just be updating at random times so now you've had two chapters over two days! I'll try my best to do ling chapters like these, but don't expect them every time! Thanks for reading, I'd love some feedback in the comments!By the way can I just mention I wrote this at 3am?


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