6- Time flies!

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[Fast forward 3 months!Otherwise it would get boring!]

Today marks the day I met the beautiful and wonderful Ally Hills. Ally and I met 3 months ago today and I've been falling for her more and more every second of everyday, so today I am going to ask her to be my girlfriend! I'm starting of our hopefully perfect day by taking Ally breakfast in bed! I prepared pancakes, coffee and a fruit salad. Next I put the food on a tray and took it to my room, Ally was staying with me because her parents were away, Ally was scrolling through Tumblr when I crawled in bed next to her.

S- Hai pretty penguin! *I sat next to her and placed the tray of food across out laps*
A- Morning Lady! Did you know that today marks the day we met three months ago?'
S- Of course I do that's why I made this silly!!
A- Thank you! *I kissed her on the cheek as we began eating*

Little did Ally know I put a special message in the bottom of her coffee cup! As we ate our pancakes Ally finished her coffee, but didn't notice what was in the cup!

S- Are you done with your coffee?
A- Yeah,why?
S- Is there something in the bottom of your mug?*As Ally picked up the mug my heart began pounding! She looked inside...*
A-*I read what the cup said; My beloved Ally, will you be my girlfriend?*Oh my god!!!!Yes!Yes of course!!!!*I cupped Stevie's face and kissed her with all my love* Hey Stevie, I have something to tell you as well....
S- Yayyyyyy!! What do you want to tell me?
A- I.Love.You
S- Hey Ally, I.Love.You.Too!!!!
A- Wooooooo! So what do you want to do today
S- I already had a couple plans! I thought maybe we could go out with Korey and Delilah?
A- Oh my god! I've been talking to him but we never arranged anything, I would love to see him again and meet Delilah!
S- Cool, okay so it's 11am we're meeting him at 12:30 in a Botanical garden near here! So let's get ready!
A- Awesome!

Once Ally and I were ready I packed a picnic for the four of us; home made sandwiches, chips, loads of small snacks for Delilah, candy, champagne for the adults and a sneaky bit for Ally since she's not quite 21! I also packed some juice boxes for Delilah and a picnic rug, by now it was time to leave so I grabbed my phone, my keys, the picnic basket and I took Ally's hand after she had locked the apartment. We made it to the car and I started to drive. Ally held my hand as I drove.

S- Ally? You know the day I hit my head?
A- Urrrr yeah the day you scared the shit out of me?!
S- Yeah... Anyway that day I had packed a picnic and was planning to take you to the place we're going now!
A- Awhhh that's sweet, now we get to do it as girlfriends and with Korey and Delilah!!!


I'm so happy Stevie and I are now girlfriends and we get to go out with Korey and Delilah! Stevie and I were both singing along to Cake By The Ocean By DNCE when we arrived at the Botanical Garden, we parked and got out of of the car. I took the picnic basket out of the trunk and walked back round to the front of the car, Stevie took my hand and intertwined our fingers as we walked towards the entrance of the garden. As we made our way over I spotted Korey by the gate, he had the most adorable little girl sat on his shoulders!

A- Oh my god!!!! Koreyyyyyy!*Stevie and I both hugged Korey like little kids!*
K- Hey you two!How are you?
S- We're great thanks, this must be Delilah *I said touching the tip of her nose*
K- It sure is! Delilah say hello to Stevie and Ally.
D- Hello Se-ve! Hi Awy!
A+S- Hi there Delilah! How old are you?
D- I almost 3!
A- Awwwhhhhh she's so cute!
K- Shall we go then? Thanks again Stevie for bringing the food!
S- Yeah let's go! And your welcome!

For about an hour we walked around looking at all the beautiful plants, Stevie and I were each holding one of Delilah's hands and we walked around occasionally picking her up mad swinging her. Whilst we messed around with Delilah Korey offered to carry the picnic basket. Soon we found a little area on some grass to eat our lunch, we laid the rug on the ground and all sat down!

K- So guys how life been?
A- It's been pretty great, I'm planning on moving out of my parents pretty soon!
K- That's great, what are you two though?
S- Actually today is our 3 month anniversary since we met and this morning I asked Ally to be my girlfriend! *I pulled Ally towards me and kissed her as Delilah and Korey giggled!*
K- Yayyyyyy I was wandering when you'd make it official, I'm so happy for you girls!
A- Speaking of relationships have you met anyone else yet?
K- Surprisingly yes I have! I met him about two months ago and things have been going really well, his name's Joey. Delilah, can you tell Ally and Stevie what you think of Joey?!
D- I luv Joey! He's really funny and he plays hide and seek wiv me and he reads books to me, I wealy like him! I want daddy and Joey to get mawwied!
S- Hahah! You're so cute, so Korey do you think your going to go further with him?
K- Well.....it is his birthday in just over a month and a half so I was planning to ask him to maybe be my boyfriend, because he loves Delilah as much as she loves him and we can talk and cuddle for hours and never get bored!
S+A- Oh my gosh! Korey that's amazing, I hope everything goes well! Do you need any help with asking?Also if you ever need any help with the little one me and Stevie would be delighted to help!
K- Thanks, I'm sure Delilah would love to hang out with you! She's  clearly obsessed with you already!

The day soon came to a close, once we had said good bye to Korey and Delilah Stevie and I cuddled on the couch, watched movies and ate pizza all night!

Hai! I hope you're liking the story! I would appreciate some feed back in the comments, thanks for reading!!


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