8- I love you more than anything...

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Today I want to take Stevie somewhere really fun, somewhere she's never been! She mentioned going to Disney Land was one of her biggest childhood dreams, so that's where we're going! Stevie and I were sat in our bed together, each of us on our laptops scrolling through Tumblr...

A- Hey Babe....
S- Yeah?
A- I have a surprise for you, Let's get ready!!!
S- Really?! What is it?
A- What's the point of it being a surprise if I tell you?!

When Stevie and I were ready we had a bit of breakfast and got in the car, we were about half way there by now....

S- What are you looking for? *Ally was rummaging in her door panel*
A- Here put this on! *I said as I held up a folded bandana, to act as a blindfold*

Stevie reluctantly tied the bandana around her head and pulled it over our eyes, we got through the traffic and finally arrived!

A- Okay, we're there! You can take off your blind fold!
S- *I lifted up the bandana and pulled it of my head as my hair ran through it* OH MY GOD ALLY!!
A- Are you happy?!
S- Of course I'm happy!!! I love you so much, why did you do this for me?
A- Why did I do this? Firstly because I love you! Secondly because I love seeing you as excited as a puppy when it gets a new bone!
S- *I grabbed Ally's face and locked my lips with hers!* Thank you so much!! *I grabbed my bag and stepped out of the car.* Well...what are you waiting for?!
A- Haha! Let's go then!

Stevie and I walked hand in hand towards the entrance, where we bought our tickets and got a couple maps. We roamed around the parks for hours having an amazing time together, occasionally stopping for something to eat like cotton candy or a hotdog. I bought line passes for all of the rides, ensuring Stevie has a good time which means we don't have to stand in lines in the warm spring air for hours at a time!

S- I've really enjoyed myself today Ally, I can't thank you enough! I've desperately wanted to come here since I was like 5!
A- I'd do anything to have such an amazing time with my beautiful girlfriend! *Stevie and I held hands and we're swinging our arms back and forth between us.*
S- Awh you're such a cutie! I love you so much penguin....
A- I love you more pretty lady!
S- I don't think its possible to love anyone more than I love you!

....I turned to look at Stevie, her chocolate eyes looked right through me, her long silky hair shifted softly with the breeze......

S- And I can't and won't ever stop falling for you, every time I look at you I slip deeper into this eternal pit of love..... and I don't think that's a bad thing, as long as you never let me go....

At this point a tear tumbled down my cheek because I was so moved by Stevie's beautiful words, I don't know it was possible for me to love someone this dearly. I let out a long, deep breath, I finally had someone to call mine.

A- You have no idea what you do to me....it wouldn't be possible for me to ever let you go...

I pulled Stevie towards me and embraced her, then I pulled back a bit as I pushed my lips on to hers. Our lips moved against each other's as the feeling of so much love rushed around our bodies. I pulled back remembering we were in public!

A- Can we finish this at home?!

Stevie and I started laughing as we began to walk out of the park towards our car, we had spent so much time there that most people were leaving now.


Ally and I walked back to the car, I drove this time. I'm so lucky to have her, to be honest at this moment I can't imagine living the rest of my life without her...

S- Why did I get so lucky?
A- Huh?
S- I'm so lucky to have you, you're such a sweet, kind, adorable and beautiful person...
A- Awhh thank you, but...have you seen your face?

Ally and I giggled and joked the rest of the way home, to our surprise the traffic wasn't that bad. I realised that when we got back to the apartment block Ally had once again fallen asleep, her hand still resting in my thigh,where it had been the whole journey!

S- Wake up princess! *I shook Ally gently*
A- Huh?
S- You fell asleep silly!*Ally opened her eyes*
A- Oh right haha!

I took Ally's hand as we made our way to the elevator, she rubbed her eyes again since she had just woken up. Ally and I soon made it up to our apartment, I hadn't forgotten what we said we'd finish at Disney so as soon as Ally unlocked and we got inside the door I pushed her against the back of the door. Her lips moved against mine with passion and love, we made our way to the couch where she began pulling of my shirt as I unbuttoned my jeans she soon removed my shirt, I then did the same to her. Ally grinded on top of me, our lips still hadn't left each other's. She began removing my pants followed by my underwear, her lips left mine as she made her way down my stomach, she soon made it to between my legs although she continued teasing me by caressing my inner thighs with her tongue. She started to massage my clit with her thumb as her tongue got closer to where I wanted it to be.

S- Stop teasing me Allison!!!

Soon enough Ally pushed her tongue inside me as her thumb continued to rub my clit, she continued this as she brought me closer to orgasm...

S- Oh my god Ally you feel so good, please don't stop

I screamed Ally's name as I climaxed, she helped me ride it out and then it was her turn. I flipped Ally over and climbed on top of her our tongues moved in sync as I pushed my hands into her pants, she moaned my name as I inserted two fingers inside of her. I worked my way down her shirtless body and began to push down her pants, as I did this I sucked her clit as she reached her climax... Ally and I continued for a while until we were both more than satisfied! We then walked into our bedroom and settled into bed as we cuddled each other to sleep....

A- I love you baby, night!
S- I love you too, I had an amazing time to day! Good night my beautiful penguin!

Haiiii!! I'm so sorry I haven't updated in such a long time, school started up again a couple weeks ago and I've been busy with sports and homework! I'll try to update more frequently, but if I don't please don't kill/hate me!!!!!❤️


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