2-Who is she?

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Who was this mesmerizing girl?Stevie thought to herself as she delicately winked at the girl sat on stage, after she had finished singing she picked up her guitar and gracefully leapt of the side of the stage as people began to clap for her beautiful performance. Once she was off stage she glanced at me then slipped out of the side door, she swiftly returned with two bottles of beer in her hand. She weaved her way through the crowd and approached me with a confident demeanor, she handed me one of the bottles of beer and took a sip from the other one. Wow, she was even more beautiful up close.

A- Hey, I'm Ally!
Her voice was so soothing, I could listen to it every day of my life.
A- Hello?!
S- *she waved her hand in front of my face as I gazed at her natural beauty*Sorry you're just stunning!*crap I shouldn't of said that*Hey, I'm Stevie! You have an amazing voice!Oh and thanks for the beer.
A- Thank you, and I'm glad you like my music. The beer was nothing!

We continued talking for a while, then I invited her back to my place. She gladly accepted the offer, soon we left the bar and made our way to the car (we could drive because we only had a couple beers). When we had made it to my apartment I unlocked the door then re-locked to once we were both inside.

S- Would you like and thing to drink?
A- Urrrr just some soda would be fine, I'm not planning on getting drunk tonight!
S- Cool!I wasn't planning anything to do crazy either *giggles*.

I went into the kitchen and returned with two cans of soda and a bag of Doritos, I tipped the chips into a bowl and passed her one of the cans in my hand.

S- So what do you want to do?
A- I don't mind!
S- Netflix?
A- Sounds great, would you mind passing me the chips!?

Hey!I know these are really annoying because I skip them!But..... If you can be bothered to read this thanks for reading my story! Before I get into it do you guys want it to be like sad or dramatic or happy or anything else? I would really appreciate it if you gave me some imput!!


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