4- I could get used to this!

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I woke up to a cool yet refreshing breeze swirling through the window, I could see the sun rising. I lifted the limp arm from my hip and flipped over. I was now facing non other than the flawless, sleeping Ally Hills. I kissed her cheek, her skin was warm and soft, I then rolled out of the warm sheets and made my way to my kitchen. I packed a wicker basket with; home made sandwiches, chips, jello, candy, champagne, some champagne glasses and a red and white checkered picnic rug, I then walked outside and put the now much heavier basket in my car. When I got back inside I began to make French toast, I made Ally and I a couple slices each, I placed the plate of French toast at the breakfast bar along with a bowl of berries, two glasses of orange juice and a bottle of maple syrup. I made Ally and I a cup of coffee then I walked back into the bedroom where Ally was just opening her eyes. She looked so adorable in her penguin pyjama pants that I leant her, she began sitting up so I got in bed next to her.

S- Morning penguin!*I passed her her coffee as I admired her beauty*
A- Morning Lady, thank you for the coffee and what is that amazing smell?!
S- You're welcome and you'll have to find out what the smell is!
A- Fine, but first we cuddle!*I kissed her cheek then nuzzled into her warm chest, I could hear her heart beating beneath my head*
S- You're such a child!*I rested my head atop if hers then squeezed her close to me, I then picked her up bridal style and put her on a stool at the breakfast bar* Dig in!
A- Oh my god what are you doing?*She scooped me up and put me down in the kitchen in front of the amazing smelling food which she had clearly just cooked!* Wow!This looks amazing, I think I could get used to this!!
S- Oh really? I think I could get used to this!*I pointed at her and looked her up and down, as to signify she was what I was talking about!*

Once Ally and I finished breakfast I went to take a shower, after I finished showering I stepped out and began to dry myself. Whilst this was happening I heard the most beautiful sound I have ever heard coming from the living room, I poked my head around corner to see Ally peacefully strumming away at her guitar with the most beautiful lyrics gracefully spilling out of her mouth. As Ally finished up the song, I never wanted to end, I began to clap excitedly.

S- *clapping* whooooo Ally that was so good!Almost as good as last night!
A- Haha... it wasn't great but thanks!

I hoisted the towel that hung around my chest up so it wouldn't fall down, although I had a bra and boxer shorts on underneath, then I approached Ally. I picked up the guitar that still sat on her lap and straddled her, I stared in to her goddess-esque green eyes her eyes wandered and laded on my lips, she licked her lips and grabbed my cheeks and began to passionately make out with me. I kissed her back with as much passion as she kissed me, i grazed my tongue across her lip and she granted me entrance. As our tongues collided she pushed me back on the couch and pulled the towel off me leaving me in my under wear, as we made out with each other Ally began to pull of her sweat pants as I pulled off her tank top. We were now in our underwear and I was craving her so badly as she was clearly craving me, I put my hands round her back and unclasped her bra as she did the same for me, although out lips had hardly come out of contact.


Stevie and I were now topless, because I was on top she flipped us over and began to kiss down my neck sucking on certain spots earning a moan from me. Stevie felt amazing and I never wanted her to stop, she continued kissing down my stomach and started to remove my boxer shorts. Once she had eventually gotten them down my legs and over my feet she ran her tongue up my thigh and groaped my boobs at the same time. Slowly but surely she made it to my vulva, she teased me by tracing circles round my clit, I couldn't take it much longer I didn't want her I needed her. Luckily she hurried up and pulled her arm down and slid two fingers inside me, she pumped in and out gradually getting faster and faster forcing me to moan. She continued to pump but now as well as that that she started sucking hard on my clit bringing me closer to orgasm, all of a sudden she stopped...

A- Stevie what the fuck is wrong with you? You're such a bitch get back here I'm not kidding!

But before she could answer I watched her walk back in whilst clipping a strap-on around her waist!

A- oh my god...
S- *giggles seductively* Are you ready?'
A- Uh-huh...

She walked over and straddled me once again and continued to make out with me slowly slipping the dildo into my vagina, holy shit this felt amazing! She thrusted her hips against mine and lead me back up towards orgasm and I climaxed the best I ever have in my life!

A- Holy shit Steve that was amazing!
S- DO NOT CALL ME STEVE!! Thank you now it's my turn!;)

Stevie stood up and I did too and I began to make out with her whilst rubbing her clit, her hands roamed my body whilst we slowly moved around the room. Her breath got heavier as I continued rubbing her clit, as we continued to walk she walked back wards into the glass coffee table. She fell straight through it slamming her head on the metal frame.

S- A-Ally c-cal-call 911

I quickly dialled 911 and they told me they were coming, to avoid embarrassment I ribbed the strap-on Stevie was still wearing off and placed her on the couch whilst slipping a sweat shirt over her head, luckily she was still wearing under wear. I scrambled on the floor and got my shorts on and just as someone knocked on the door I managed to get my tank top on!

A- COME IN ITS OPEN! Okay Stevie stay with me, I can't loose you now.
S- Ally even though I met you last night I feel like I've loved you for a lifetime....
P(paramedic)- Where is she?!
A- She's here with me.
P- Okay.

They put Stevie on a stretcher and told me I could come with them so I threw on my sweatpants grabbed my phone and locked the door....

Oh wow! Well that escalated quickly, I hope you like that intimate scene!Tell me if you want more of that! I wonder if Stevie will be okay?!Find out in the next chapter, by the way I'll just update the story at random times so look out for surprise updates! I hope you liked this super long chapter!


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