3-I didn't expect that...

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When we got back to Stevie's place she got us some snacks and we started watching Dexter on Netflix, when we had watched a couple episodes we started talking;

S- I'm really sorry but I don't think you ever told me how old you are?!
A- It's okay, I'm 19!
S- Oh right!I'm 22!
A- Cool, so what's your life like?
S- *shit this is about to get deep...* urmmm it's kinda hard to talk about the age from 2-12 but I'll tell you anyway because you seem confident and strong and that makes me believe I can trust you. I hope I can...
A- Thank you, and you don't have to tell me please do not think I'm pressuring you.
S- It's okay I can do this; [This part has a small segment about abuse and rape, I just wanted to warn you.] So when I was a young child I lived with my birth father, my mother had left when I was about 2 years old, as she had become a meth addict and dealer, she had to go to prison. When my birth father found out about this he got very angry and upset and turned to alcohol to sooth his extreme pain, the large amounts of alcohol he was consuming caused him beat me from the age of 2-7. When I was 7 I told my neighbor about what was going on and she thankfully called the police they arrested him and put me into an orphanage, when I was 8 I got adopted by a man and a woman about the age of 50. They seemed nice for the first couple of years and I was very happy, but when I was 11 something happened and the man abruptly vanished and the woman....sh-she raped m-me *I burst into tears*
A-Oh my god Stevie are you okay *I embraced her as she meaningfully sobbed into my chest*Stevie it's okay you can stop.
S- No I'm not stopping I've needed to tell someone this for ages, the only way I can forget is if I open up fully to someone. S-so after she di-did that she left me in the basement of the garage, with absolutely nothing, and much like the man, she left and never looked back. After a few nights of curling up in that dank room I decided she wasn't going to return and I knew no one would hear me no matter how much I screamed. So I broke off part of the loose hand rail leading into the basement and smashed the window, I used all of my strength to climb out of the small area that was left so light could come through the window. After that the only place I could go was back to the orphanage where at least someone cared for me, once I returned they cleaned me up and by the time I was 12 I was being re-adopted by my current parents. They are the best two fathers anyone could ask for! When I was 14 I realized I was gay and thankfully I had someone to talk to straight away because my parents were gay so clearly they didn't care, so after such a tough child hood I have a pretty great life now!
A- Thank you for trusting me with all of that and I'm glad you told me...
S- That's okay, I've spoken to other people such as my dad's about it but I don't think I've ever gone into that much depth with anyone other than the police. Anyway enough about me and my crazy life, what's happened in your life?
A- Well me and my sister, who is about 24 now, had a pretty picture-perfect childhood. Although my parents were very religious and extremely judge mental towards anything that wasn't 'normal' whatever 'normal' is nower-days. My sister was always very Tom-boyish and like hanging out with the boys, when my parents told her she wasn't allowed her hair cut short she did it her self and the only thing she would ever wear were shorts and t-shirts but my parents would occasionally force her into a dress. When she was 15 Delilah came out as transgender and Daniel was born! My parents were not happy, they kicked him straight onto the streets from where he went to live with his girlfriends family. Luckily they accepted Daniel for Daniel, he then got a job and paid for his own transition, he had always been very independent and by paying the thousands of dollars his transition costed alone showed my parents that being removed entirely from the people who were supposed to love him no matter what didn't phase him nor stop him from being the strong young man he had always longed to be. Daniel still lives with his girlfriend but now they have their own house and his girlfriend, soon to be wife is now pregnant with twins! But I'm still 19 and I don't think I'd be able to handle being kicked out in the harsh way Daniel was 'thrown away', I am ready to come out to my parents but I don't have anywhere to go and I can't muster up the courage. I don't want to have to depend on someone, such as moving in with Daniel so I'm going to wait until I have my own place.

Stevie and I stared into each other's eyes, as she looked at me she bit the corner of her lip and I couldn't resist I smashed my lips against hers eliminating the gap between out faces which was pleading to be closed. She kissed back with passion, lust and empathy our tounges clashed against each others as our bodies roamed one-another's with reckless abandon. For years people search for 'The One' and everyone always says "The second you find them you will feel it, you will know" and I know one thing for sure and that is this is what home feels like, this girl is who I've been un-knowingly searching for since the second I could walk.

I would really like to say a big thank you to those who have read this, i decided to give you and extra long chapter this time because I know I've been really bad at updating. I hope you enjoyed!

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