Hell: Part 1

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There was a bright red light at the end. I looked to my sides to find bricks covered with mold. There was an attraction to that red light. There was a pull to that red light. There was an evil presence in the red light.
I walked through the narrow tunnel, touching the sides of the bricks wall with my hands as I did.
What was beyond that light?
My heart was racing faster as I got closer. I could hear muffled voices. The origin of these seemed unknown at most.
I started to hover. My feet above the ground, almost like a magnet repelling from the floor. The pull towards the light became stronger. There was no friction between me and the pavement, so the speed kept increasing. A slight sense of both relief and terror filled my body.
The muffled voices went away.
My feelings went away.
I went away.
All that happened.
That light.

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