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(Last chapter of this book)

Marisun had the funeral the next day. It rained and we both dressed in conservative black dress. Funerals in the future consisted of throwing the body in its coffin into space, that way the soul is free forever. Its quite poetic.

Both Marisun and I shed tears during the funeral for it was extremely emotional.

We both loved him.

The funeral ended and as I walked Marisun to her car i felt the strange need to go to the bathroom. I told her and she said she'd wait for me. As I walked to the bathroom I saw two familiar silhouettes waving at me.

Then I realized who they were.

It was Danika, holding hands with Franklin, waving at me.

And then I realized that it was her who called me on the phone to train martial arts. 

What was she doing with Franklin?

Then an electricity cable above me snapped. The electricity filled cable started flying above me, going crazy. I fell to the floor so I wouldn't get hit.

The wire hit Marisun's car, overcharging it. The car exploded with Marisun in it.

I yelled her name.

I looked back and Danika and Franklin were gone.

I ran to the car and saw some of Marisun's body parts, burned. She had been blown to a million burned pieces.

I yelled in grief but swallowed my tears.

The whole Avilessasination family was dead.

Danika and Franklin were alive, and together, who knows what they will plan together.


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