Operation Room

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"EVERYONE MOVE!" the fireman yelled. Asher was completely unconscious. She could not think, could not see, could not feel. She was there. But that was it.
"I will save you little whore," the fireman calmly told Asher with a soothing tone of voice.
"Bitch I thought we were dating. The fuck you thought?" the policewoman yelled back at the fireman. He only stayed quiet.
As they approached the biggest sign on the hospital, Asher opened her eyes. At first, everything was blurry. She was dizzy and didn't knew what was going on. Then she looked down at her legs.
She had no legs.
The only thing that worried her was if she would be able to save her vag. That is her most valued possession.
They entered the doors of the operating room. They lifter her up and placed her down on a soft metal table.
Asher could not stop yelling from the pain.
The doctor injected her with anesthesia.
"Please. Save my vag."
"I will do what I can."
The operation started. Asher was unconscious, once again, but this time she woke up in a dark place.
It was hell. She knew it. Everyone knew it.
"Am I dead?" Asher whispered to herself. She was confused.
"No," the dead soul of Niho replied. Remember when Asher pulled that gun out of her butthole and killed some guy? Well this is him.
"You're just visiting hell. This is your future home."
Asher was not surprised. I mean, she was the biggest slut of them all.
"K bitch."
"I actually really like it here. I always aspired to live in hell when I was younger," Niho said, restarting the conversation.
"It's not so bad. Im a badder bitch," Asher replied, with her vulgar vocabulary,
as usual.
Then, suddenly, everything turned white.

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