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This is it. These are the words I kept repeating over and over again as I stared at my flight ticket. This is it I'm finally moving to London!

Sounds typical really. One would think that moving from South Africa to London wouldn't be such a big deal, but it is. Being a black woman in South Africa has not been the easiest thing. Yes, it has its perks, I mean the culture, finesse and pride that African women possess is amazing and I have experienced it for years now and still, it never ceases to amaze me!

I am a proud black South African woman and I love my country. Its beauty, its culture, the diversity the "Ubuntu" and I could list a thousand other things but I probably shouldn't cause I might just miss my flight. I think I'm missing home already and I haven't even left yet.

One thing is for sure though, no matter how much I miss home, I would never give up the chance to move to London, which is why I have been working my ass off in Uni. To able to be sitting here. There really is no better feeling than success. You know, I realized that I don't mind much to leave some things behind, mostly the bad though. the things that I want to leave behind.

I should probably say why I'm moving to London in the first place. Well I got a job offer I couldn't refuse. I'm just starting my psychology career. My family and friends told me to take a shot in the dark and look for a job abroad, since it's what I've always wanted. I did and here I am. On my way to go work for a successful private practice. Things couldn't be better right now.

"MEL!" my mom calls and snaps me out of my thoughts.

"Yes mom?" I snap my head to look at my mom and I can see it's not the first time she's called me.

My mom along with the rest of my family have always been my rock and they have supported me through all the sweat and tears. It has taken me a long time to get where I am now and I will be the first to admit that it has been hard but once again am I grateful to have been blessed with such a family.

"I was just asking if you have everything you need..."

"flight 284 to London." That's about all I heard because suddenly my dream wasn't just a dream anymore but that it's finally reality.

I finally snap out of it and look to my mom, my dad and my brother and tears start to form in my eyes. I realize now that this is the longest I'm going to go before seeing them again. I am going to miss them. More than anything. But there's no turning back now. This is it!

We say our final goodbyes, I hug everyone and everyone wishes me luck and we shed some tears but obviously before I leave my mom gives me the same speech as always "look after yourself, don't forget where you came from, remember to call a lot, eat healthy and focus on yourself and your career first boys can always come after" and I just agree with everything she says because I've heard this speech a thousand times but I love her nonetheless.

I look back once while walking to my flight and my heart breaks a little as I see my mom sobbing and my dad and my brother barely holding back their tears but I know that we'll be okay. All of us. This is the beginning of an adventure I can't wait to experience.


"Miss. Miss, we have landed safely and you may depart from the plane." The flight attendant wakes me up. I would say from a long nap but damn it, it felt like I was in a deep sleep. That was the longest flight of my life and I'm surprised I slept through half of it after trying to watch some boring movie and looking through magazines to pass time, not that it helped though.

I walk to the baggage claim to get my luggage before looking for Cate, who by the way is my new roommate. If it wasn't for her I'd probably be homeless. She and I have been best friends since high school. She's like a sister to me and we could never be separated. Which is why we applied for jobs at the same place and, luckily we both got the jobs and she said I could live with her in her new apartment which is close to where we work and I'd be a fool to turn her down. And the best part is we both come from South Africa.

I see her holding a board with my name and relief washes over me. Finally, someone I know. We practically run towards each other and give each other bear hugs before making our way home.

During the drive in her car we catch up and talk about everything under the sun. We get to the apartment and I love it already. Luckily it's very spacious with two medium sized bedrooms, bathroom with a shower and a bathtub, the kitchen is also beautiful, beautiful counters and all. It's not too big or too small, the lounge has a flat screen TV, an L-shaped couch and a love seat and you can see half of the kitchen since it's a semi open plan. The apartment is decorated with white, grey and black, which I like quite frankly. It makes everything look more sophisticated and clean. Plus, it's only about a 10-minute walk to work. I love it!

After a tour of the flat, Cate helps me unpack my bags since I already sent most of my things which weren't much actually, just a few small things for my room and my clothes.

We talk for a while until I start yawning every 2 minutes. I hate jet lag! I go to sleep that night, dreaming about how amazing this will be. 

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