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Once we got our carryon bags we got off the plane and look a cab to this huge mansion I ran inside. But my mom stopped me and brit and told use to follow her. We walk to the garage and I spazzed out there where 8 cars two porches, lombogini, Aston martin, Bmw with butterfly doors, and Audi’s.

Listen up! Act a foul and they get taking from you two understand?

Understand. we both yelled

My phone buzzed in my pocket

Hay unique this is August I was wondering if you would like to hang out today

I smiled so hard I almost forgot to text him back

Sure. What’s your address and mind if I bring a friend?

Hustle lane and sure.

Be there in 30.

Me and Brit did our hygiene think put on some navy blue cut up high waist jeans and my white and purple Jordan shirt and my grape 5’s and my hair was in a curly puff. Brit and me matched everything but the braid across her puff. And we were on or way I put his address in my gps.

August P.O.V

Two cars pulled up to my crib and I was life tf i put my strap on my waist and walked to my door and told my crew to wrap all the “goods” up. And when I seen who got out that aston martin I was In a daze and she had a bad ass friend with her.

I ran to put my strap up.

I ran back to the door open it and there she stand look beautiful as lord knows what.



are you going to come in or stand outside my crib?

First off you don’t got be corny

she walked in and her friend followed they waited for some odd reason.

Umm why are you just standing there you can have a seat.

Then it hit me she has manners unlike these hoes out here.

Unique P.O.V

Oh im sorry unique I didn’t know why you just stood there then it hit me.

You good. Oh sorry this is Brittany and Brittany this is October. I said with a small smile and the other people in the room laughed he gave them a look and they left all except one.

Stop calling me October my name is August just like I don’t you lil mama or lil shawtayy then call me by my name. He semi yelled

I got up ready to leave, I’m out you not gone be yelling at me.

Brittany gave me one of them looks “I’m feeling his friend” I walked out without another word. While I was walking someone touched my arm.

Tf you up im my man house for? Some ratched girl yelled in my face

Um excuse me but if yu got a question don’t be in my face yelling cause I don’t even know you .

Bitch you heard wth I said.  All in my face again

I walked to my car took all my stuff off. Put my jays in my car and put on my tims. I walked up to her and murked her keep murking that hoe

Worldstar. some niggah said

I keep murking that bitch till I saw blood I stomped her out and heard her nose snap after I punched her again. I was ready to walk away and that stank hoe pulled my natural hair I come around and body slammed that hoe with one hand and keep murking her this time and I didn’t stop till someone picked me up and I swung on whoever it was when I realized it was August I stopped swinging and I noticed his nose bleeding. He put me down and I ran to my car to get him some napkins . I came back and took him on the porch and apologized like my life depended on it. I knew who he was Ace the king of the streets and in only one day of being in New Orleans I found that I out

Ace I am so so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oh soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry.

Its okay- Ace how did you know about me and please call me August. He spoke with sadness in his face

Um I have to go I got your girlfriend blood all over me.

Hell naw that is not my girlfriends I don’t do girlfriends she was just a one night thing. He said I don’t do girlfriends replay in my mind and I got a little sad because I was felling him a lot and I just met him. I guess he saw my face ”I didn’t mean it like that “ I just got up without a word and got Brit and we left

So you felling him. Britt said coming in my room

A little bit but im tired and imma take a shower then a nap- she cut me off

He feeling you to his friend told me but go on and do what you gotta do his friend Lloyd coming to pick me up soon. With that she left out the from before I could get a word out

I got out the shower put on my bra and panty set from aerie’s omg there stuff I so soft.

I snuggled up under my cover and got comfy just when I closed my eyes my phone was ringig

Hello I said in a sleepy voice

Sorry did I wake you and I just wanted to let you know I didn’t mean what I said and-I cut him off

Look you don’t have to apologize for something you meant you not into me I’m not into you so we good . And hung up

To let sleep take over me

August P.O.V

Look you don’t have to apologize for something you meant you not into me I’m not into you so we good. And with that she hung up.

I really felt bad and I don’t usually feel bad for anyone. I know she said she not into me but she lying if she wasn’t lying why she get all upset about what I said. And why the hell did shay come over here starting knowing she can’t fight and I wasn’t going to save her I’m not caption save-a-hoe nope don’t start something you can’t finish. I know Lloyd feeling ole girl that was with unique what was her name again, angel, sky, oh yeah that’s right Brittany. She cute but she look a lil thirsty and in need of watt juice. I decide to take my mind off of this situation. but the thing is I can’t I really feeling her. It’s not all about her body or beauty it’s about the fact she has morals she respects herself and I know shay came here to give me top and tried to get all bucked as always and got murked but not only murked unique poor girl in the hospital smh (-_-x)

I got up and went to my studio and mad some beats and wrote a song about her. Smh it’s something about her . I got up and went to the booth to sing my song

Verse 1]
You're looking so good right now
And I would if I could, pull you right now
But I know that you're the type to make em crazy
Cause you've got all my homies trippin' on you lately

I think you put something in the air
Your body's so amazing, and one could even say it's blazing
You're wrapped tight, oh, you've got it going on
Cause you keep your hair nice
Oh, and I ain't even trippin', cause my homies hit first
Cause baby when I hold you, I know we can make it worth
So let me get your contact and the place I can meet you at
Baby, let me hit that super loud
Super strong, super green, got me super gone
I know that's super on, and I'm super high
I'm like Superman, cause I'm super fly
Baby, let me hit that super loud
Super strong, super green, got me super gone
I know that's super on, and I'm super high
I'm like Superman, cause I'm super fly

[Verse 2]
Now you look good enough to eat
And every time we kiss it's Swisher Sweet
I feel a spark every time we meet, yeah
Yeah, you do things to me...


I took the elevator to my room and took a shower and put my polo boxers on and went to bed thinking about her wondering should I tell her I want to be with her.

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