2 weeks later.

August P.O.V

I still haven't talked to nique, we see each other and go on with life I can't even concentrate without her and she not even my girl smh, I'm sitting here getting top from this girl named uh shid iom even know. But I miss nique on some real shit I think is time to come clean. So I called her

Aug♥- hello

Queen nique- who is this

Aug♥- so you deleted my number out your phone I see. I said kind of hurt

Queen nique- I got to go so Is there anything you wanted . (nique come here baby) I heard in the back round

Aug♥- um yeah about us but I see you got you a new man soo. I trailed off

Queen nique- one there was no us, two where we stand now is your fault , three don't call me if you not gon speak whats on your mind

Aug♥- yeah you know what you right

Queen nique- fr what did you call me for

Aug♥- nothing important any more

Queen nique-okay I guess

Aug♥- bye

Queen nique- I love you . I think I heard her say very low

{a/n got a little tired i will sure finnish later on}

Unique P.O.V

I love you . I hope he didnt hear me say that. I do love him but he just say stuff that hurt my feelings and dont even realize it until he done said it , and its annoying. I know I just meet him 3 weeks ago and its to early to be telling someone you love them but I cant help how I feel about him. I get butterflies every time I talk to him, sparks fly when we kiss, every time I am around him all I see is fireworks . call me crazy but I know he loves me to.

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