I went home cause i didnt want any trouble. and August is causing alot. i want to be his girl but its to fast.

Its been 5 weeks 7 hours and 45 seconds since i talked to August . the first few weeks he tried to talk to me and i ignored him he called he text i ignored. Then i found out he had him a lil main hoe or something like that. Im not even mad at him im more mad at me self i pushed him away but i got .e a lil boo we been dating for some weeks his name is ty .

August P.O.V

Man yall dont know half of whats been going on . these pass 5 weeks. she dubbed my s.it frfr. But i got me a lil main . Cuz a n.ggah got need to. But i still miss nique . I heard she got a man name ty. name sound so familiar.

Nique P.O.V

I decieded i wanted to go to the park me and august chilled at . I put my hair in a messy  bun, some ripped dark blue jeans, a lime green bandeu with my green glow 4s the put on a green bandana and a cardigin.


Im walking and i bump into some one and guess who it was AUGUST . i was going to walk off but my body wouldnt let me .

August - whats up nique

I couldnt contain my self and i dragged him to my car. and we made up . Then he was about to leave and i didnt want him to. hay Auston do you want to spend the night at my house maybe .  He was looking at me funny .

SO you still got jokes but what about your man .

broke up last night.

he look like he was about to say no .

you know what ne--

Yes let me just  go get my clothes and ill be there by 7.

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