August P.O.V

I've been thinking on my drive home how i'm going to make her my girl .* No we did not have sex in her car we talked it out *

I pulled up to my crib my main hoe becky was on my step.

becky- where have you been

me-minding my shitt oh and we done you getting attached and it over bye 

becky- im not attached to a lil dick niggah tf.

me- oh aug i cant breathh. oh aug its in my stomach i say in her vc

becky- fuck you

she gets of my stepps and walk away 

Me - you alreddy did that ma.

i go in the house and pack some clothes and im omw to uniques crib. 

phone call

Nique- hello 

me-get ready im taking you out .

hangs up

i call my niggah tyga .

yooo its time set it up 

iight one

AN: i kind of got writters block so its going to take me a while to update but i got alot in stored for this story so keep reading and vote promote etc etc THANK YOU *

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