I thought life will never be this hard till I met August he was a tall caramel tatted up pink lushes lips. He was perfect in my eyes at least. The world thought he was just some type of animal that should be looked up. He ran the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana.

It all started when.........

Unique P.O.V

unique come have a seat I have something important to speak to you about.My mom said

I walk over to the couch and sit down across from her


sweetheart we are moving to New Orleans, Louisiana.

I got up so quick and ran to my room. I can't believe this is really happening to me .First she is barely ever home and when she is home it to taunt me about my grades being A's not B's and how this is unacceptable blah blah blah. I tone her out. I don't have a clue to who my father is to me he just a sperm donor. I lived her all my life how she can do this. My life is here and Brooklyn, New York. What about my best friend Brittany where is she going to stay she has no one.

Knock Knock, Knock Knock

Go away

I have some good new also.


Brittany is your sister; I have full custody of her. So she will be coming with us baby girl. This was the reason I was gone for so long.

I don't believe a word she says, she use the same line every time.

Next Week.

Get up it time to go.My mother screamed from down stairs

I got up and did my hygiene Thing .Put on a pair Columba 11's and a pair of bleach purple high waist shorts with a white bra shirt I but my butt inched hair in a tight bun with a Chinese bang. And walked into Brittany room and she was all ready. Looking fire we were dressed alike she just had red shorts and bred 11's. and her hair was in a huge curly poof .

We boarded the plan Brittany didn't have a seat with me . Some fine dude sat next to me I looked back at Brittany and she mouthed "get him lil mama". I turned around to him staring extra hard for no reason. But before I could say anything about it he spoke

Hi lil shawtayy my name is August what your name.

I turn and looked at him then back out the window I looked.

He cleared his throat and I called over a flight attendant

"Excuse me but I think he might need a bottle of water" and with that being said I smirked he started laughing.

August- so can I have your name or naw

Names Unique.

That's a really beautiful name.

My cheeks went full blow red and I turned back to the window.

I was in deep thought he was just so mmm mm mmm like dammm his lips his tats he was tall.

I snapped out of thought when he said

See something you want

Naw I don't think so

Can I have your number lil mama

My name is Unique not shawtayy lil mama nope im unique if you cant call me by my name then you mine as well dipp .

He looked shocked at my words.


My name is Unique not shawtayy lil mama nope im unique if you cant call me by my name then you mine as well dipp .

I looked at this girl like who tf she talking to my name is august the biggest in the game . I shock my head. And tured away playing on my phone texting my hoes before the plan pulled off. While I was playing my candy crush I just couldn't get unique off my mind she was the only girl to ever talk to me like she did. Only person who talks to me that way is my mom and she in a better place now. I was staring at her for a while and she was Beautiful what no I don't call females beautiful I call them sexy pretty and cute. What is wrong with me. She is different and I want her.................


So he just staring at me and I open my mouth

May I help you October is it? I knew his name how can I forget

So you got jokes and you can help me.

What do you need help with ?

Well I lost something .

And what was it?

Your number. He started smirking

How can you lose something you never had . and I winked

Wow can I just have your number Unique

Pass me your phone

He passed me his galaxy 4s active I entered my name as Queen Nique

I passed it back he looked and laughed

What are you laughing at?

Nun just chill you look tense.

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