Unique P.O.V

I woke up from the best sleep ever, did my hygiene think while singing along to girl with the tattoo by miquel

Those innocent eyes(eyes)

That smile on your face makes it easy to trust you

If they only knew, the girl with the tattoo, like i do

Doin' what you doin' just to get you where you goin', yeah I see, baby

Just don't lose yourself along the way, no

Cus your doin' what you doin' just to get you where your goin' and I see it baby

And too many others gon' ask to say I do

but I knew ...the girl with the tattoo, yeah

oh yeah I knew, the girl with the tattoo

I use to know

I heard clapping behind me I turned to see the one and only August but I just walked passed pretending I didn't see him

I went to go my outfit out which consist of my high top black red bottom sneakers some bleached blue cut up jeans and a red bandeau and a black cardigan, went to the bathroom and got dressed came back out and August was still here.

"October what do you want." I asked

He got up mad and walked out and came back "And to think I wanted to tell you something important"

"Okay August sorry okay I was just kidding, but can you tie my shoe please, and what would you like to tell me" I did a puppy face and mad sure my big bright gray eyes are hard to say no to.

He huffed and sat on my couch and I walked over to him and he tied my shoes and got up to leave but I pulled him back, I couldn't help myself I kissed him with so much passion and I pulled back .

"I um umm eh um I'm sorry" I said not really sorry but shocked he kissed back

"It's cool" he said and walked out my room

August P.O.V

I wanted to tell her so bad how I felt about her, I almost walked out and she pulled me back and kissed me with so much passion like she felt the way I feel, and of course I kissed back what kind of guy would I be if I didn't lml.

I stopped at golden krust to get me something to eat before school. While I ate I felt someone staring a hole in my back and I turn to see the hood rat shay, she sashayed her skinny ass over here and I don't know why but she is really naturally annoying as hell.

"Hay bae" soon as she said that I chocked on my food and almost snatched her up but I don't put my hand on a female under any circumstances.

"listen here Shay I am not you bae none of that we are NOT with each other never was and never will be " she smirked

"Is that how you going to talk to your baby mama" I laughed in her face. She was shocked

"look shay I'm not the one to be like that's not my kid and blah but for real shay you only gave me top and that was it nothing more nothing less, never put it on you why would I want to fuck a loose as a goose no walls having hood rat come on, how many weeks are you?" everybody was laughing they ass off "Shut that shit up now "I screamed

"I'm a week pregnant "that's not my baby I didn't even fuck this girl smh

"Bye shay like I said i didn't fuck you bye now"

She walked away

Unique P.O.V

I hoped in my Audi and went to school, I walked to the office and got my schedule and try to find my way around until someone snatched my schedule I didn't even turn around to know who it was.

"right this way beautiful we have all the same classes" he smiled so big

" thanks august, and I would like to talk to you later sometime." He looked like I had two heads

'sure and about what may I ask?"

" I will tell you later promise." I stopped just to take in his swag he had on a raiders snapback gray vamplife v neck shirt and some true religion pants and the cool grey 9's. he turned around waiting on me.

" see something you want?" I bit my lip

" maybe."I winked and he just stood there like he was lost. I grabbed him and kissed him again but this time Im the one who ran away, ran to the girls room and I seen that girl I murked she walked up to me.

"stay tf away from him or else" with that she left

Im really not trying to go for a thug anyways or get into any type of trouble. The rest of the day I avoided him, and ran into her again

"good girl" she says

" listen here girl do you want a rematch or would you like that video on worldstar your choice and one I don't care if you want him you cant have him I don't want trouble but seems like you do so with that being said say something else imma murk you some more but before I do that reserve you a bed at the hospital."

And the last bell rung and I went straight home

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