I just can’t believe I like august and I’m just not admitting it, I’m in denial. That’s what I wanted to talk about with him, I can’t face him it’s only been to two days since I been here and I like someone not just anyone I like the biggest dope dealer in New Orleans. And he feeling me to I can tell. He keep on calling and texting me and I haven’t answer not one call or text from anyone especially him. This time I was about to take a nap and he called a I answered

[A/n- their names in each other’s phone]

Queen nique- yes

Aug♥- Why haven’t you been answering my calls

Queen nique- cause im busy. I lied

Aug♥- I know your lying to me.

Queen nique- and how would you know that Ace. I was getting upset now

Aug♥- calm down go on lying I don’t give a fuck.

Queen nique- Bye if that’s all you called for btw nothing.

Aug♥- can you come meet me at the park.

Queen nique-why

Aug♥- cause we need to talk. He was getting annoyed and I can hear it in his voice

Queen nique- sure I’m on my way. And with that I hung up.

Threw my hair in a messy bun and my sweats and a sweater and my Nike slides

I hoped in my car and 30 min later I pulled up to the park, I got out and walked to the bench and saw august kissing some hoe. I went over to where they were and started going on

“WTF you called me to come meet you and you over her sucking up this girl face “and I was all in his face

“Why you tripping I’m not your man so it don’t matter”

“You real right about that don’t call me or text me frfr fuck you” I said then went to the track but bumped in to something I looked up and it was a light skin boy standing about 6’7.

“Oh excuse me” he said smiling

“It’s okay I’m unique you call me nique”

“I’m Chris but you can call me baby daddy” he said smirking

I busted out laughing”sure” I said back sarcastically

And he kissed me out of nowhere and sure enough I kissed back.

“looked like you needed a kiss” and when I turn around their stood an angry August.

“ tf his going on here” this niggah has the nerve to try and blank

“ anyways Chris so you want to take a walk”


“Y’all are not taking a walking anywhere” he interrupted

“Wth is your problem” I finally spoke

“You are” he said flatly

“What you’re not my boyfriend “I said in his voice

“ you know what it’s cool I been nice to you since we were on the plane and you been nothing but a you know what never mind I’m off this” he said and walked off

I asked for Chris phone and but my number in it and walked off.

Chris P.O.V

Damn she fine I want her. And I’m going to have her

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