The beauty and the beast

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I walk out of Madame Blake's room and bump into the other servants.

"I'm sorry boys but you will be staying here while the mistress and I attend a ball." I say while all of there smiles turn into frowns.

"Oh... Okay." Samuel says.

"Would you guys like a hug?" I ask.

"Yeah!" Mark yells and quickly hugs me.

The other two wrap their arms around me and we all stay like that for a few seconds before we all let go.

"Well I need to go get dressed for the ball." I say with a smile.

"Do you need any help?" Samuel asks.

"Actually could you help me with my corset? I always mess up while attempting to tie it." I look at Samuel.

"Sure!" He says while grabbing my hand and dragging me upstairs to my room.

I shut the door behind us and quickly walk into the bathroom. I walk back out a few minutes later with my corset on.

"Take a seat and I'll tighten it up." Samuel says while walking over to me.

I nod and sit down on the edge of my bed while Samuel walks behind me.

"Tell me when it's too tight." He says as he begins to tighten my corset.

After a few hard tugs it becomes tight enough and I hold my hand up, signalling him to stop. He ties the laces and walks out of my room, shutting the door behind him. I slip my dress on and glance at my reflection in the looking glass. The deep purple color compliments my dark grey eyes. I quickly put on a black lace choker with purple gems hanging on little chains. Slipping on some black heeled boots I ran out of the room and down the stairs. Madame Blake is standing there wearing a light blue dress.

"Ah, there you are Scarlett. May you help me with putting these damned boots on?" She asks motioning to the boots in her hand.

I nod and take the boots as she walks into the ballroom. She sits down on one of the many chairs and I help her get her boots on.

"Will Samuel be driving the carriage madame?" I ask.

"Yes, now hurry. We must not be late!" She says as she walks quickly, well as quick as she could with her boots, out the door. I appear in front of the doors leading outside and I open them for her. She steps outside and hurries to the carriage as I shut the doors and lock them. I hurry over to the carriage and help Madame Blake in before going around to the other side an climbing in myself. We're sitting across from each other in silence until I decide to speak.

"Your dress is lovely Madame." I say.

"Isn't it? " She gushes," I do hope the host of the ball loves it, it is the latest fashion.

"May I ask you why you wanted me to wear such a fanciful dress? Shouldn't I be wearing my uniform?" I look at her, an eyebrow raised.

"No, gracious no. You were invited as a guest as well so I thought you'd want to look the part." She says.

If you can't tell, she's bipolar. One moment she's angry, the next she's cheery.

"Oh, alright." I say, a phantom of a smile dancing upon my lips.

~~Thirty Minutes later (I'm lazy haha)~~

We have just arrived at the Phantomhive Estate. It's amazing how such a young man could be the Queen's personal little watch dog.

"I'll help you out Madame." I say while climbing out of the carriage.

I help her out and escort her to the grand entrance. We're greeted by a dashing young woman with Red hair and glasses. She leads us to the ballroom and we're suddenly swarmed by people.

"Madame Blake you look lovely!"

"Who is this dashing lady you have brought with you?"

"May I dance with you Madame Blake?"

Her eyes widen slightly and she looks at me before composing herself.

"Thank you, thank you. This is my maid, Scarlett Rose, and I shall dance later." She says.

"Ah Ashley, I haven't seen you in forever!" An older woman says, walking up to Madame Blake.

"I could say the same to you M'lady" Madame Blake says smiling," Scarlett feel free to wander off but do come find me before the night ends so I can introduce you to the host."

I nod and watch as men surround me, asking to dance.

"I'm very sorry men but my throat is parched so I must get something to drink before I begin dancing." I say in the kindest voice I could muster.

I slip through the crowd before anyone can say anything and I make my way to the refreshment. I grab a glass of white wine and sip it, watching the couples dancing in the middle of the room.

~An hour later~

I've danced with a few men so far and none of them have been very good at dancing. I've had my foot stepped on so many times I'm afraid that my toes are bleeding by now. After the tenth dance I gave up and wandered off to do some idle chat with a few women.

We all laugh and someone taps my shoulder. I spin around to be met with a pair of crimson eyes.

"Excuse me but may I have this dance m'lady?" The man asks.

"I uh y-yes you may."I stutter.

He grins and whisks me off to the center of the room. I listen to the music slightly and realize it's the tango. I smirk and look at him.

"Tis a fast song for such a fancy ball isn't it?" I say, my feet moving on their own.

"It is but I requested it to see what you're made of." He grins.

"So this is a game is it? Well you've chosen the wrong girl to play with."I smirk.

"We'll see about that~" He purrs.

We both grin and start dancing, our feet a blur. Everyone slowly moves away to the sides to watch us dance. As we move across the dance floor, I can see a glint of something in his eyes I haven't seen in anyone else before except in my own eyes.

As the end of the song approaches, he twirls me and dips me down as the last note plays. We pause and everyone is silent. He pulls me up and everyone begins applauding.


Bad ending but whatever. It's midnight and I'm not creative. Well anyways, hope you liked it. I'll try to update asap but I have like 5 other stories and well school gets in the way. I can't wait till summer break cause I can write so much!

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