She's a Reaper's girl

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I sigh and glance at Grell as he walks back in. He's got a bit dirty, since he did land on the streets of London. Dirty this place is, they really do need to clean it up a bit. Humans are such filthy creatures.

"Too bad Sebas-chan couldn't stay here." He pouts and I roll my eyes.

"Stop being such a drama queen Grell." I spit at him, earning a glare from the said red head.

"Well, I believe we should begin our discussion." Undy says, walking out of the room fully changed.

"Do, why did you want me to come here in the middle of the night?" I ask, an eyebrow raised.

"Well, I have a proposition. You see, the young earl Phantomhive has attracted the attention of a few demons. This being the case, we would like to ask if you would help guard him. We will have to ask you to quit your current job as Madame Blake's maid and take up that position at the Phantomhive estate." Undy speaks softly.

"Wouldn't Sebastian be able to take care of that by himself?" I look at Undy, my eyebrow still raised.

"If it were humans, yes he would. But since it is demons the earl is in even more danger. If you were to be there, there would be less of a chance of the young earl being kidnapped." Undy appears to be looking back at me, though I can't tell because of his hair covering his eyes.

"And what would my benefit be if I were to accept this?" I look over Grell.

"If you do accept this, you will be left alone by us reapers and you will have the luxury of living at the Phantomhive estate."

"I guess that would be a luxury, seeing as the estate I'm at now is quite smaller." I say softly, "I'll take the offer."

Undy smiles and pats my head, "Good. Would you desire to stay and talk or to get back to the estate?"

"Stay and talk because I haven't seen you in so long." I smile softly.

So there we were, talking about what had happened since the last time we spoke. We spoke for about two hours and then Grell decided it was time to go see his "Sebas-chan" so we left.


So sorry that this was so short >.< but hey, happy almost 1000 readers update! So I just started school again so I really won't be updating that much, though I will try to update more than I have.

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