She's a Demon.

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"Scarlett Rose, are you or are you not a demon?" Ciel asks, turning his body towards mine.

"I am a demon, how could you tell sir?" I respond a tad bit quietly.

"Sebastian had the feeling you were a demon. Do you have a contract with Madame Blake?" He asks as he stands up.

"No, not exactly." I say, a bit nervous.

"And why not?" He asks as he walks over to me.

"I never wanted to. She never really had a huge plan to accomplish so why make a contract? Can't I be a loyal servant without being tied to a damned contract?" I slightly snap.

"I guess you could, but wouldn't you love being able to get her soul?" Ciel asks.

"May we change the topic at hand? Madame Blake looks like she may pass out." I say in an attempt to help my mistress.

"Alright, such a pity though. Having a demon as your butler and they can't even have your soul." Ciel sneers.

"We're done. I'm sorry about this madame Blake, I'll fetch the carriage." I go too move but she holds up her hand and I pause.

"No, I need to talk to Ciel about business, you two leave at once." Madame Blake points at the door.

I nod and wait for Ciel's butler to leave as well. As we walk out the door Ciel watches me. I ignore his gaze and stand next to the butler.

"So you're only his butler for his soul?" I ask.

"Yes, though I don't mind really. He has a divine soul." He answers.

"Oh, so you're simply one hell of a butler I guess." I say with a soft laugh.

"Indeed miss," He pauses.

"Scarlett." I say, finishing his sentence.

"Ah, right. May I ask how you met Madame Blade?" His voice came out soft yet still as strong as it normally is.

"Well I was at a meeting, dragged there by my only friend whom I haven't seen in quite some time. Anyways I was standing off to the side, by the butlers actually. Madame Blake was there as well. She came up to me and offered me the job and I took it." I say, a soft smile om my lips.

"Ah, well my best wishes to you miss Scarlett." He looked down at me, his red eyes glinting.

"Call me Scar, no need to be so proper." I say, smiling at him.

"Alright, Scar. I do have to admit that you remind me of a cat. Such fine hair and your hands are quite small, much like a cat's paw." He chuckles softly as his mind wanders to thinking about cats.

"Well I can see the recognition between me and cats." I say with a small wink as cat ears pop out from under my hair.

He looks at my ears, an eyebrow raised, "Such lovely ears, but how?"

"I don't really know what form of a demon I am so I just say I'm a demonic cat. If only I knew what I really was." I sigh softly, looking down.

"Well I hope you figure out what you are." He smiles softly, looking at my ears longingly.

"You may touch them if you want to, I don't mind." I giggle softly at his look.

He slowly reaches up with his right hand, taking my left ear between his thumb and middle finger. A smile forms on his lips as he slowly rubs my ear between his fingers. A soft purr escapes my lips and my ears twitch, dropping down so that they're flat against my head. I quickly fix my hair so that my ears are completely covered.

"I'm sorry, I just heard Madame Blake walking towards the door." I look at him apologetically.

"It's fine." He says softly, a smile still plastered on his lips.

The door swiftly opens and Madame Black and Ciel are standing there. Ciel glances at his butler and then at his lips.

"What are you smiling at Sebastian?" He asks and bit rudely.

"Ah, we were talking about felines." He wipes the smile from his face.

"Oh, those vermin. I believe all felines should vanish. They're terribly dirty and cause chaos." Ciel's lips twitch as a frown forms on them.

I bite the inside of my cheek, forcing myself to stay silent as he speaks.

"I think that they're quite nice if you train them from birth. If you train them, they will be obedient much like dogs." Madame Blake glances from me to Sebastian.

"I believe we should leave Madame. It's getting quite late and you do have a busy schedule later today." I say, glancing at a clock.

"Is it already that late? Well, it was nice talking to you Ciel. I do hope your company continues to do well." Madame Blake says with a smile.

"It's too dangerous to ride through the country at this time of night. You may sleep here tonight, that is if you want." Ciel says. clapping his hands together.

"Oh, alright. I guess it is dangerous to go at this time of night." Madame Blake says.

"I'll have Sebastian go ready a spare room for you." Ciel says, looking at Sebastian.

Sebastian nods and leaves without a word. Madame Blake places a hand over her mouth as a yawn escapes.

"I shall go get your spare clothing from the carriage Madame." I say, looking at her.

"Alright. I'll be here waiting when you return." She nods, looking down.

I nod and speed down to the front door, rushing out. I find our carriage and unlock a small hatch and pulling out a small trunk. I lock the hatch before speeding back inside, getting to Madame Blake and Ciel just as Sebastian does. He glances at me and smirks unnoticeably.

"Take Madame Blake to the room." Ciel commands.

"Yes, my lord." Sebastian says with a small bow.

He leads Madame Blake and I down the hall and to the said spare room. He bows slightly as we walk in.

"Have a good rest Madame." He says with a bow, shutting the door. I set the trunk down and prepare Madame Blake for bed. After she was in bed I bowed and left the room, seeing all of the lights off. I let out a soft sigh as my eyes adjust to the dark and I swiftly made my way to the kitchen, where I slip out through the back door. I arrive out in a garden and I sigh, looking at the closed flowers when suddenly a black rose rises from the ground. A soft smile appears on my lips and I turn to see Sebastian standing there, the moonlight causing his red eyes to glow softly.

"Hello Scarlett."



Welp I hope you guys don't hate me for not updating much. I just have too much stuff going on to be able to write. I do have a bit of spare time now and I'll write as much a I can :D

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