The darkness within us

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"Hello Scarlett." His voice comes out smoothly.

"Hello Sebastian." I say, a hint of sadness in my voice.

"Is everything alright? You seem saddened by something." He says, walking over to me.

"Oh it's nothing important..." I say softly, my ears emerge from under my hair only to droop back down.

"Well I can't have such a lovely cat be sad. Mind talking?" He smiles softly, looking down at me.

"I don't wish to trouble you, you seem to have something to do."I look back, my eyes shining in the moonlight as they become watery.

"No, that can wait. I can't let a kitten become sad, its heart drowning in the darkness the dwells inside all of us." Did I really just say what I believe I just said?

"Alright..." I let out a soft sigh," If you must know I'll tell you. What Ciel said about felines, them being unclean and a nuisance, well it's got to me. Since I can remember people have thought that of felines... It just makes me feel unwanted, I don't understand why people can't just accept us..."

He looks at me, processing this. I bite my lip, looking at the ground. His hand shoots up and quickly rubs my left ear as he begins speaking.

"Yes there are people who dislike felines but you must remember that there are those of us who like felines. Such as myself." He says softly, moving a bit closer to me.

"I know but what he said is true, we are dirty and cause chaos." I sigh.

"From what I can see, this is untrue. Especially with you." He says softly, slowly wrapping his arm around my waist.

"W-what are you doing?" I ask, my voice shaky.

"I feel a pull to you, one that I cannot ignore. I'm only acting upon this pull." He says softly, his breath tickling my ears as he speaks.

He slowly pulls me close and I actually feel safe, happy. I know I haven't know him that long but this feels natural. A smile forms on my lips and I slowly wrap my arms around his waist, seeing as I'm too short to reach his neck without having to stand on my toes to get my arms completely around his neck. He smiles and leans down, our lips barely an inch apart. As he's about to steal a kiss someone walks into the kitchen, my ears twitching. I pull away from him, a faint blush upon my cheek.

"Someone's coming." I say, looking at his saddened look.

He nods, standing up straight. He looks to the door just as it opens, revealing the girl from before.

"S-Sebastian, Bard thought he saw someone inside, someone that we don't know. From what he said they have red hair and are carrying something he doesn't recognize." She speaks.

"Alright, I shall have to escort them to the door then." Sebastian speaks in the most proper tone he could muster.

He disappears inside with the girl, leaving me alone. I let out a soft sigh and start wandering through the garden. Something catches my eye, a glistening object. I slowly make my way over to it when suddenly I'm pinned to the wall. I look up at my assailant, recognizing the eyes of a reaper.

"What do you want reaper? I'm not dying yet." I spit out.

"I know, you filthy thing. Our supervisor wanted my associate and I to come bring you to him." The reaper smirked.

"And why would a reaper want me, a demon, to walk about where you keep your dear records?" I say, shoving the reaper off of me.

"Ah, but alas you will not be wandering around or dear records. "His shop is near here, in London actually. We mean you no harm miss Rose. We only wish to have a chat of sorts. You'll be back before Madame Blake will need to be awoken so no need to worry." He speaks in a rather calm tone.

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