Her new Job

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I sigh softly as Grell blabbers on and on about his "Sebas-chan".

"Even though he's a demon, he's so dreamy!" He practically drools as he speaks.

I glare over at the red head and then smirk. "Well your 'Sebas-chan' almost kissed me on the lips earlier. I don't believe he likes you at all, hell he may even despise you." I sneer as the redhead gasps a bit too dramatically.

"He would never do such a thing!" Grell screeches.

"He would. I know for a fact he would." I smirk at the now distressed Grell.

He glares at me and attempts to flip me the bird discreetly though he does a terrible job at it. The rest of the time we spent walking to the main entrance of the Phantomhive mansion was in complete silence, accept from the slight breeze rustling the leaves. As we approached the front door it slowly opened to reveal the dear demonic butler we both 'love'. Most of his frame is hidden by the blackness of the night. I ignore Grell's cries of love as I walk inside if the mansion. Sebastian shuts the door silently and takes my hand.

"I will show you to where you will be staying until the morning." He speaks lowly.

"Oh erm Sebastian, I was wondering if I could apply to be another maid here. Madame Blake isn't the nicest person to be around." I look at him, rubbing the back of my neck.

"Well we could use another helpful hand around here, the other three are pretty destructive. I'm sure Ciel will accept your request." He smiles kindly, which is probably rare for him.

I nod softly as he speaks again. "Do you wish to stay in a different room than the one next to Madame Blake's? The one besides mine is open if you wish to stay in there. If you do get accepted to the job, that would most likely be your room. Ciel keeps the other three in a shared room because well, we only really have them for his protection."

"I erm, I think I'd like to stay in the room next to yours." I look up at him. "I mean if that's fine by you."

He chuckles softly. "Scar, I'd prefer you to be in that room."

A faint blush comes to my cheeks but it goes by unnoticed. He leads me to the room we both agreed on me staying in, bidding me a goodnight before disappearing into his room. I slowly open the door and I look around, seeing that it looks much like Madame Blake's room. I sigh and take a peek into the dresser, seeing multiple sets of clothes to sleep in. I reluctantly take one out and I slip out of my dress and I just slip on a button-up shirt. I sigh softly and slip under the covers of the bed, shutting my eyes. I enjoyed sleep, unlike most other demons. It sort of brings me to peace with my inner self.

~Le way too early in the morning to wake up time-skip~

I wake up to the sound of birds chirping. Great, another day dealing with Madame Blake. I sigh and climb out of bed, barely noticing the dark shadow in the corner of the room. I yawn and walk into the bathroom, running a hand through my black hair. I look at myself in the mirror, my eyes focusing on the shadow in the corner.

"And why may I ask, are you in a ladies room while she sleeps? It's terribly rude." I speak as I turn around to look at him.

"Ah, I was going to wake you up but I couldn't help but notice how peaceful you looked. I just couldn't stop watching." His eyes travel down my body, causing me to realize I'm wearing a very short shirt that barely leaves anything to the imagination.

"My God Sebastian stop looking and get out!" I whisper angrily at him.

He chuckles lightly and leaves the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

"There are uniforms in the dresser as well. Change into one of those. I've already told my lord about you joining our happy little working party." He calls through the door.

I sigh and waddle over to the said dresser and I look in the middle drawer. A few maids outfits are folded neatly in the space provided in the shallow drawer. I slowly pull one out and to my dismay it's barely longer than the shirt. At least there are stockings that go up to my thighs. It won't be too bad.

A knocking at the door startles me and I nearly toss the maids outfit. I call out a quick "I'll be there in a moment." and I slip my stockings on. I unbutton the shirt and set it on the bed before slipping the short maid's dress on. This is surprisingly comfortable. I mumble to myself and go to open the door. Just as I grab the door handle it swings open and I'm glomped by a short blonde boy. The sudden action startles me, causing me to lose my footing and fall back; tugging the blonde down with me. He mumbles a quick sorry and stands up. He holds a hand out for me and I take it.

"Hey uh I don't think you remember me but my name is Finny." The boy speaks.

"I don't remember you, sorry." I say, looking at him.

"Oh well welcome to the group." He smiles and runs out of the room.

That was strange. I sigh and walk out of the room, shutting the door behind me. Sebastian meets me and nods approvingly at the outfit, his eyes lingering for only a second. He tells me to go wake Madam Blake so we can discuss my quitting and my new job as a maid at the Phantomhive estate.

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