She's what?

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I grin, looking at him. I knew he wasn't normal and I could tell he knew I'm not normal.

"Your dancing could use some improvements." He smirks.

"Yours could too." I smirk at him and he lets me go.

Madame Blake rushes up to us. She grabs my hand and starts dragging me away.

"Oh how did you learn how to dance like that?" Madame Black gushes.

"When I was a child I was taught how to dance." I answer.

"Well you shall teach me starting tomorrow!" She exclaims, clapping her hands together.

"Yes Madame." I saw, bowing my head.

"Now, I must introduce you to the gentleman who threw this lovely ball." Madame Blake says, dragging me through the crowd.

As we push our way towards the door leading out of the ballroom, I spot the man I had just danced with walking towards the door. He opened the door and held it open until we were out of the room. Madame Blake nodded her head towards him as we passed through the door into the front corridor. The man led us up the stairs and into a room that has a desk and a few chairs. A young man, his hair blue and his right(?) eye covered by an eye patch, is sitting behind the desk looking over a few papers.

"Sir, Madame Blake and her guest are here to see you." The man says in a clear voice.

The young man glanced up from the papers and took in our appearance.

"Ah, it's nice of you to join me tonight Madame Blake. May you introduce your guest?" The young man said.

"Oh how rude of me, I'm sorry Ciel. This is my maid Scarlett Rose. She's the best of the best I do believe so." Madame Blake practically rushes her words.

"It's nice of you to join us Ms. Rose. Now, as I can see you have met my butler Sebastian. He's absolutely one hell of a butler." Ciel, chuckled.

"Yes, yes. He dances very well you know sir. Scarlett and him danced the tango very well. Did you perhaps teach him?" Madame Blake gushed out.

"Oh no, he said he learned the tango from his years of working in Spain, isn't that right Sebastian." Ciel coolly lied.

"Yes sir, it is." Sebastian answered, his voice softer than before.

"Now, shall we discuss business?" Ciel asked.

Madame Blake nodded as she sat down. Ciel and her began discussing topics such as money and inheritance. I went over and stood next to Sebastian, glancing up at his face. After about half an hour I heard Ciel ask something very interesting.

"So Madame Blake, where is your seal?" He asked in a slightly hushed voice.

"My seal? What seal?" She asked.

"The one that makes Scarlett bonded to you." Ciel answered.

"Bonded how so?" Her now hushed voice got a bit louder.

"Did she not offer to do whatever you want for the price of your soul?" Ciel asked, his one eye flicking over to me.

"My soul? What are you talking about Ciel?" Madame Blake now asked in a stern voice.

"She's a demon. I can see it in her eyes." Ciel answered.

"She's what?! You're not making any sense Ciel." Madame Blake practically yelled.

"Scarlett Rose, are you or are you not a demon?" Ciel asked, turning his body towards me.

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