She's one of a kind (A black butler fanfic)

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"May I suggest something?


I sigh and shake my head. This is the third time today little Mark has been yelled at. It's not his fault that he's missing a few screws, or however that saying goes.

"Madam Blake shall I start tea or shall I wait until your meeting with Earl Jacobson is over?" I ask.

"Make it now Scarlett." Madam Blake spits out.

I nod and walk out of the room, making sure the door shuts completely. I walk to the kitchen and almost bump into Samuel, the gardener at the Blake estate.

"Oh I'm sorry Scarlett, I didn't see you there." He chuckles.

"It's okay Samuel, I wasn't really paying attention to where I was walking." I say with a closed eye smile.

"Oh okay, just to warn you Brandon isn't too happy right now." Samuel says while walking past me.

"Thanks." I say as I walk into the kitchen.


"Brandon, calm down. We don't want Madam Blake angrier than she already is." I say while walking over to cupboard.

"Oh Scarlett, it's only you. I thought it was the little twerp." Brandon says while walking out of the pantry.

"What'd he do this time?" I ask while taking a tea kettle out and walking over to the basin of water to fill it.

"He thought it'd be funny to lock me in the pantry." Brandon growls.

"You have to remember he's only fifteen. Teens like to play pranks all of the time." I say.

"I know but couldn't he pull pranks on other people?" he mutters.

"Hush and get back to work, Madam Blake isn't in a good mood right now and I have tea to make." I say while placing the tea kettle on the already hot stove top.

"Yes Scarlett." Brandon says while going back to making whatever was for Madam Blake's dinner.

I walk over to the pantry and search for the type of tea leaves and the mint leaves I want to use in the tea.

~~ ??? p.o.v.~~

A flash of black hair catches my eye. AHA! That's the girl master wants me to kidnap! But why. She's not even that cute. But whatever, she's my goal and I WILL get her if that's the last thing I do.

~~Madam Blake's p.o.v.~~

What is taking that butler of mine so long with my tea?! She knows not to keep me waiting!

"Madam Blake. Shall we discuss this later?" Earl Jacobson asks.

"Yes, I believe we should when I don't have such a short temper." I say with a nod.

"It was good to see you again." Jacobson says in a softer tone.

"Jacobson you can leave now." I say while turning to look out my window.

He bows his head and walks out of my study with his butler following him. Such a strange man that butler is. He never talks and he always looks so emotionless. Rumours say he's a demon but there are no such things as demons. No one has ever found proof of their existence...I wonder who came up with the idea of demons....

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