Bye bye to Madame Blake

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I sigh and bite my lip before entering madame Blake's room. As I open the door I see that the Phantomhive's other maid was getting her ready for the day. She wore very thick bifocals and has red spikey hair.

"Oh I'm sorry Scarlett. Master told me to get Madame Blake ready. He wants you in his office."The maid says.

"Alright miss." I give a curt nod and leave the room. I make my way to his office, sensing Sebastian walking behind me.

"Sebastian, it's quite rude to be following a lady around." I turn around just as he was walking around a corner.

"Sorry miss, I was only going to my young master's office, just like you." He has a smug grin on his face.

"Would you like to walk there together then?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Seeing as we would end up in the same place, might as well." He walks over and grabs my elbow, spinning me around with him. He sets his hand on my shoulder and we begin walking.

"So how come you call Ciel 'bo-chan'? I've heard you say it a time or two." I ask softly, looking at Sebastian with curiosity.

"Well I don't really know why." I frown at his answer.

"Oh come on there must be a reason for you to call him that!" I throw my hands up.

"It just came naturally I guess and since he allows me to, I just call him that." He smiles and we stop outside of the study.

"Oh alright." I frown and open the door, stepping inside the study to see the young master sitting at his desk.

"Hello master Ciel, you wished to see me?" I say tentatively.

"Ah yes, Scarlett. I wish to inform you that you will be helping Sebastian out with most of the chores and with the task of trying to keep the other three from destroying the mansion along with anything inside it." Ciel says smoothly.

"Alright sir." I bow my head slightly.

"Please, just call me bo-chan or young master. No meed for the sir." He taps his fingers on the desk rhythmically.

I bow my head once more ," Yes, bo-chan."

Sebastian opens the door and Madame Blake walks in with the other maid in tow.

"Explain the meaning of this! Why is my own maid leaving me for some rich lap dog of the Queen!" She yells outraged.

"I am sorry for the loss of your maid Madame Blake but she's the one who has decided to work for me. I only accepted the request." Ciel explains calmly.

"I should have never brought her here with me! She would still be loyal if you didn't poison her mind about her being a damned demon!" She begins walking around the desk but Sebastian steps in front of her.

"That won't be needed madame. I would suggest that you step back and act proper." Sebastian says with no emotion showing in his voice.

"Step out of my way you filthy disgusting low life." She spits out at him.

"My only wish is to protect my young master and you mean to harm him. He only accepted Scarlett's request. He did nothing else about the subject at hand." He keeps his stance.

Madame Blake huffs and walks over to me, "You ungrateful, despicable, no good being!" She raises her hand and swings and my face. At the last second I reach up and grab her by the wrist, stopping her hand.

"Why would I want to serve under someone so vile and low? Someone who smacks around her own servants even though one of them is mentally handicapped. Someone as low as you doesn't deserve the title of Madame. You deserve the title of imprisoned wretch. You deserve nothing better than a rat infested moldy dungeon." I say through gritted teeth, strengthening my grip on her wrist until a loud snap is heard.

Madame Blake yelps out in pain and I let go of her wrist.

"Leave now while I'm still under control of my strength. There's no telling on how I will react when I lose it." I growl out at her," Also, if you lay a hand on one of the others again you may not end up leaving with just a snapped bone."

She nods quickly, turning to leave all the while clutching her wrist to her chest.

"I will escort you back to your estate Madame Blake." Sebastian says, looking straight at me.

"Th-thank you." She keeps her gaze low.

They then proceed to leave, leaving me and Ciel alone.

"That was quite impressive, maybe I should let you meet Alois. He'd be absolutely thrilled to have seen this." Ciel pipes up after a few seconds.

"Thank you bo-chan. I'll be sure to tag along with you the next time you visit him." I smile softly, looking at him.

He nods softly, "Since this is your first day working here I want you to follow the three others around and see how their chores work. You will also need to help them not destroy anything." Ciel states, looking over some papers.

I nod once and step out of the room leaving him to his work. The first person I see is Finnian, whom is going around and replacing flowers in vases. I walk over to him and tap his shoulder lightly.

"Would you like help? I can discard the decaying flowers as you replace them." I ask softly.

"Oh no! I'm fine doing this by myself." He says with a smile.

"You sure? You look a bit rushed." I look at him with an eyebrow raised.

"I guess I am, though I normally am. Fine you can help me if you want." He sighs, giving in.

"Great." I say while taking the decaying flowers from him.

I move from vase to vase, collecting the dead flowers as they wilt. Finny goes around behind me; placing new flowers in the vases as we go.

After I was done helping him I decided to go check on the cook. Just as I was about to walk into the kitchen a thunderous boom shakes the mansion.


I am soooooo sorry I can't update this as much as you guys would want me too! I'm just getting used to the highschool life and I haven't had the time to do any writing. I have written this one chapter throughout the extra time I've had after finals.

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