About time we learn your name.

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"Character thoughts" [Since the characters are narrating their own POV whenever they have a thought that is not directed at the reader and is purely for the story it will be italicized. Examples would be Levi in the first paragraph of chapter one narrating for the reader [not italicized] and Hanji in the sixth paragraph of the first chapter thinking to theirself [italicized].]
(What they are actually doing or thinking) [An example would be the second sentence of the first paragraph chapter one where Levi narrated going willingly but in reality he was annoyed by Hanji until he gave in.]
Underlining is an emphasis on a word [An example would be Levi's first POV in the second chapter where he is stressing the word much.]

Previously: [Levi POV]

I brush past Eren to flick Petra in the forehead and smack Hanji on the back of the head before resuming my previous seat on the floor. I gesture Eren over and he comes to sit by me and lean lightly against my side. After he's settled I look back to the others to see they have all returned to their seats and are staring at us strangely.

I give them all a glare, "Well, are you just gonna sit there and look stupid or are we going to get on with this dumb party?"


[Erwin POV]

After we had all settled on the floor and Levi prompted us to get on with the evening I reached over to the coffee table to grab some of the games we had placed there earlier in the night. From the pile of games we had chosen to play The Game of LIFE®. I pulled out the board and started to set it up while Mike sorted through the cards and Hanji organized the money. While we did this I decided to try and get a bit more information out of Levi.

"So Levi, are you going to introduce us to your friend or are you just going to leave us wondering what his name is all night?"

I looked up from the board briefly when I heard him huff to see him rolling his eyes while placing an arm around his friend. I rose an eyebrow slightly at that but didn't question him before I returned to my task. He seemed a lot more relaxed and expressive sitting next to his friend in the few minutes he has been here than he had the whole night before he arrived. Even that quick eye roll and nonchalant arm placing had probably been half of the total amount of emotion he has shown tonight. Of course, this only made me more curious to know about their relationship. Luckily now that his friend has arrived Levi seems more willing to talk rather than toy with us.

"His name is dumb brat if it wasn't already obvious when you were eavesdropping on our conversation at the door."

I paused placing the last piece on the board and looked up at him. "Or perhaps he's not done toying with us yet. Wait," my eyes widened slightly, "was that supposed to be a joke? Levi... joking?" I watched as "brat" gave him an annoyed look before elbowing him in the side. Levi's only response was a smirk as he pulled the boy a bit closer. Their exchange didn't go unnoticed by the others either as they all had looked up and at Levi after I voiced my question. Going by the expressions on their faces I can see they're just as bewildered as me. Petra was looking particularly bothered while Hanji looks like their about to explode with questions. When I looked over at Mike, he just had an understanding expression on his face. "Hmmm, maybe I should ask him about that later."

[Mike POV]

I knew it as soon as they sat down across from me. If their actions weren't making it obvious enough even with how few there has been in the short amount of time we've sat here, then their smell definitely did. Though I suppose the others confusion is understandable considering they can't smell what I can. Or rather, they can't smell what I can't. That being the scent of our new guest. When walking past me to take his place beside Levi I smelt nothing. I suppose if I'm being specific, I smelt nothing distinct. Each person has a distinct smell on them. People who live together or are constantly together tend to have similar scents do to their scents mingling during contact or being/living in the same environment. When they walked past all I got was the scent I am already familiarized with on Levi. Only it was stronger because it is coming from the both of them. All of that being said it was easy to see (smell) this wasn't just a friendship. Though I suppose Levi already told us of that earlier. That only leaves the question of what are they in regards to the only options that are left? "No matter, one of the others will get it out of him before the night is over anyway and if they don't I'll be sure to sniff them out before the party's ended." [Sorry to hardcore Mike fans but I have no idea how to write as him so this is probably not a good view of him. Even though I don't know how to be him I knew he needed at least one POV so please forgive me for whatever this ↑ is.]

[Hanji POV]

I quickly finished organizing the money after Levi's answer to Erwin so I could properly pay attention to their conversation. Good thing I did or else I wouldn't have seen their playful exchange. It only made me more interested in learning about the two when Levi didn't punch the kid in the face after he was elbowed and instead pulled him closer. "How sweet," I grinned, "my little Levi has learned how to make a friend all on his own. Ooh, he just makes me so proud."

When Levi finally turned away from "brat" and back to us he seemed to have just noticed how intently we were all watching them. So of course that lead to him getting his grumpy face back in place "Hehe, rhymes, hehe" before he answered anymore of our inevitable questions. Just as I was getting ready to ask those inevitable questions "brat", who didn't seem to mind the looks we were giving him, decided to properly introduce himself.

"Don't listen to the old man it seems his memory is failing him again," he joked, "my names Eren Jaeger. Well...for now anyway," he mumbled the last bit while quickly glancing at Levi, "now let me see if I can figure out who you all are from what he's told me."

He looked around at us all and studied us swiftly before his eyes stopped on Erwin when brief recognition shone through his eyes.

He snapped his fingers before pointing at Erwin, "You must be eyebrows aka Erwin." I laughed at that along with everyone else besides Levi who decided he was too good for laughing and chuckled lightly. He looked around again before he paused once more and pointed his finger at Mike, "If he's eyebrows you must be smelly aka Mike."

"Haha, I like this kid. He's so much more fun than the grumpy gramps he's sitting with." We all laughed again before he turned and pointed at me. It only took him a few seconds figure out who I am before he said, "Oh duh, your four eyes aka Hanji!" I grinned and sat up proudly while he turned to smirk at Levi before saying, "Levi talks about you the most and how much he enjoys your company. Always going on about how enlightening your talks about titans are and how he would love to hear about them more often."

This, for some reason, caused Levi to glare harshly at Eren. Eren didn't seem deterred though considering he just rolled his eyes and leaned (down) to kiss Levi on the cheek. Though that was interesting I wasn't paying much attention to it because I was too busy talking (rambling) to Levi about the new information my studies had discovered.

[Petra POV]

While everyone else was laughing and staring interestingly at Eren and Levi I was finishing up setting the game. I placed the colored cars and people in front of each of us and divided the money. I had still been paying attention to the conversation of course and I saw Eren kiss Levi on the cheek but I decided to occupy myself with the game before I shoved a LIFE tile up Eren's nose for touching my Levi. I figured if I was to do that it would probably lose me some points with Levi given how close they seem. "Humph, thinking he can touch and act so casually with my Levi," I mentally grumbled, "well when I have Levi kissing and cuddling with me by the end of the night he'll see just who Levi belongs with." As I was thinking this I was shocked out of my thoughts, Hanji from her rambling, by the words Eren spoke next.

"Last but not least you must be the "girlfriend" aka Petra."

I was too shocked to properly notice the way he said girlfriend but all that really matters was the fact that he said it. "Levi told him I'm his girlfriend," I thought dazedly, "I knew I liked Eren for some reason."

[NEW A/N 05/17/2018: To all of you re-readers: Incase the A/N after this isn't familiar or is missing information you remember, it's because I decided to delete the old incredibly long, and now irrelevant, parts of the original A/N.]

[Ok so first I would like to say my LIFE game is absolutely ancient so if the rules and the board have changed and I don't make any sense when they play it next chapter I am sorry. Second I would like to thank you guys for understanding how I was feeling and for being supportive of me. I tried to make this chapter really good since I didn't update last week and I think it came out pretty well aside from Mikes POV. Anyway, please tell me if I made any grammar mistakes or anything, it would be greatly appreciated.]

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