"Our son will not be the next Dark Lord!"

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[My thoughts]
"Character thoughts" [Since the characters are narrating their own POV whenever they have a thought that is not directed at the reader and is purely for the story it will be italicized. Examples would be Levi in the first paragraph of chapter one narrating for the reader [not italicized] and Hanji in the sixth paragraph of the first chapter thinking to theirself [italicized].]
(What they are actually doing or thinking) [An example would be the second sentence of the first paragraph chapter one where Levi narrated going willingly but in reality he was annoyed by Hanji until he gave in.]
Underlining is an emphasis on a word [An example would be Levi's first POV in the second chapter where he is stressing the word much.]
{Time Skip} [An example would be in Hanji's POV in the seventh chapter.]

Previously: [Petra POV]

"Cheeky brat, why do I even put up with you?"

Eren snuggles further into Levi's side before tilting his head up slightly and answering, "Because you love me of course."


[Petra POV]

"Well that's... concerning." I decide not to let the conversation get to me no matter how nervous and uncomfortable it made me feel. I tried but I couldn't get rid of the feeling that I was missing something to go away. "Eren said I'm Levi's girlfriend himself and Levi hasn't said anything to deny it so there is nothing to worry about." I took a calming breath, "They're just really good friends and as Levi's girlfriend I need to respect that." After my mental pep talk I returned my attention to the board

"Haha guys, now let's keep the game going it's your spin Eren."

[Hanji POV]

After Petra's comment we resumed playing the game. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when she stopped their conversation. After all its not everyday Levi has a friend over, is joking around with said friend, and gets said friend to marry him whether it's platonic or not! The game continued on rather uneventfully with each of us continuing to take our turns. The only thing that showed a little interest was when Eren reached the "Get Married" stop sign. He shot Levi a purposeful look, one that I will surely have to investigate later, before reaching over Petra and grabbing a blue peg to stick in the passenger seat of his red car.

{Halfway through the game later...}

About halfway through the game is when things started to get interesting again. I'm not exactly sure who started the conversation first but I do know that it started when Eren's red car landed on the "Have a Baby" space.

"Did your mother drop you on your head when you were a baby or have you always been this stupid," Levi ranted, "I am not, under any circumstances, naming my child after a dark lord!"

"Where did you even get that from," Eren shouted, "all I said was Tom would be a cute name before you went psycho! Did your mom drop you on your head!?"

"Never had the chance she died before she could!"

"Well whatever, it's not like you're coming up with anything better!"

Levi scoffed before answering, "Damien, Adrian, Kai, Colt, Hunter, Raymond, Damon, Parker, Josiah, Castellus, Kane, Drak-"

"Ugh, your unbelievable why can't I just s-"

"Unbelievable, thank you I do try and you can't just say that or suggest that when the name of our children will be part of what dictates our child's," he holds up the blue peg for emphases, "success in life! A stupid name means a terrible future. Just look at your friend Jean he grew up to look like a horse. Though I'm sure what end of the horse can be debated."

"Why are we even talking about Jean right now all I wanted was to name our son!"

Petra, Erwin, Mike, and I were just sitting and watching as they argued. Mike was looking like this argument had just confirmed a suspicion he had. Petra's facial expressions were shifting between annoyed, amused, and concerned. Erwin looked like he wanted to intervene but wasn't sure if he should and I was just enjoying the show. "I don't believe Levi has ever been this animated before [Heh, puns, hee hee. I've been waiting to use that saying.]. I wonder if they are always like this with each other." I watched as Eren took the blue peg from Levi's hand and threw it across the room after another one of Levi's comments (insults). Levi just stared after his "son" as he was thrown across the room before slowly turning back to look (up) at Eren. There wasn't any warning before he lunged forward and tackled Eren to the ground. I tried cheering for Eren to motivate him into winning but we all knew what the outcome would be. Surely enough, not even five minutes later, there's a defeated and still angry Eren laying pinned and panting to the ground with a triumphant and smug looking Levi leaning over him. Eren's defeated look didn't stay long before it was replaced by determination as he tried to wriggle free.

"Eren dear, that's never gonna work," I giggled. Levi just stayed in place sitting on top of him with an increasingly growing amused expression. "They're so cute together," I couldn't help but mentally squeal. Eren's determined expression was quickly turning into a pout and next thing you know he's laying on the ground whining.

"Levi you always do this," he cried (not literally), "get off I want to get up."

Levi raised one of his thin brows before replying, "You weren't complaining last time and I do believe I won the argument then as well."

Eren's face went the most beautiful shade of red at that comment and he once again started to try and get free.

"Why are you always so mean to me?"

Levi smirked before leaning down to whisper something in Eren's ear which made him turn a darker shade of red than I thought was possible.

Through all of their interactions there was really only one thing that kept running through my mind. I couldn't help thinking it and I doubt a single one of my watching comrades wasn't thinking it as well. "There just so cute together," before Levi fully pulled away from his ear he stopped to give Eren a kiss on the cheek. "Well, I defiantly ship it."

[I apologize to anyone named Tom or Jean. I actually quite like both of those names. I would also like to apologize for the reference but it just sort of happened. I had wanted a scene where they started joking about baby names but the argument happened instead and I have to say I honestly like it better than my original thought.  The chapter had actually ended when Eren said "Why are we even talking about Jean right now all I wanted was to name our son!" but when I was going to post it i realized it needed more so I hope it all flows nicely together.  I also know Petra's reaction is a giant let down but I didn't want her to explode quite yet so I hope the argument scene made up for it. Any who if you guys/gals would please tell me if I made any grammar mistakes or anything, it would be greatly appreciated.]

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