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[My thoughts]
"Character thoughts" [Since the characters are narrating their own POV whenever they have a thought that is not directed at the reader and is purely for the story it will be italicized. Examples would be Levi in the first paragraph of chapter one narrating for the reader [not italicized] and Hanji in the sixth paragraph of the first chapter thinking to theirself [italicized].]
(What they are actually doing or thinking) [An example would be the second sentence of the first paragraph chapter one where Levi narrated going willingly but in reality he was annoyed by Hanji until he gave in.]
Underlining is an emphasis on a word [An example would be Levi's first POV in the second chapter where he is stressing the word much.]

New: {Time Skip} [An example would be in Hanji's POV in the seventh chapter.]

[Ok, so here is a quick explanation on how to play The Game of LIFE®: In my ancient game I have here at home the goal is to have earned the most money when you reach the end of the board. As you play you experience your journey in life from college (if you choose to take that path) to retirement. As you play you go through things as you might in real life such as having kids, buying houses, and paying taxes. When you start you have to choose a path to take. One would be getting a career the other is going to college and then getting a career. The different paths have different choices to take in life. You are given a colored car to represent you and a small peg that you stick in the car to represent yourself (blue: boys and pink: girls). I'm pretty sure that's all you need to know for now.]

[This is the arrangement of them when they play the game.]

_ _ _ _ Petra Hanji
Mike _ _ LIFE _ _ Erwin
_ _ _ _ _ Board _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ Eren Levi _ _ _ _

Previously: [Petra POV]

"Last but not least you must be the "girlfriend" aka Petra."

I was too shocked to properly notice the way he said girlfriend but all that really matters was the fact that he said it. "Levi told him I'm his girlfriend," I thought dazedly, "I knew I liked Eren for some reason."


[Levi POV]

"Of course the dumb brat just had to go and mention that to Petra didn't he." I turned my face to the side and gave him one of my more severe glares. "It's not like I don't have to deal with her incessant pining every day of my life or anything." Then the brat just decided to look even more amused and pleased with himself after noticing my glare. This did nothing to help my mood on the double subject of our conversation but the quiet yelp he made, which will no doubt be denied later, when I used the arm I had around his waist to pinch his side did manage to state my frustrations for the moment. "I don't understand what point he is trying to make. He knows I'll tell them at some point he doesn't have to keep pushing it. If anything it will just make me that much more stubborn to do so considering it's not exactly good news nor under good circumstances." That moment however, did not last very long after my last thought when I looked up to see Petra looking at me as if every question she's ever had about the universe had been answered and it resulted in her being granted her deepest desires. But, being who I am, I wasn't (was highly) disgruntled or in discomfort in the slightest.

I chose to ignore her and return my attention to the board game in front of us. I wasn't paying attention to it much but I did note it was set up and ready for us to play when ready. "I have to admit he is being quite subtle about it and I doubt the others realized our conversation has had a double meaning to it. Then again, I did teach him everything he knows about subtlety so he's bound to have at least learned something," I sighed, "no matter I'll deal with it later. For now I just need to worry about getting this game over and done with."

"If we're all done with the introductions and making friends with each other I'd like start the game and beat all you sorry and pathetic human beings - along with whatever Hanji is - to a rich retirement."

[Hanji POV]

After Levi called all of our attentions back to the game set up in front of us we took turns spinning the wheel to see who went first. Erwin went first and got a two with Mike going after him and getting a seven. Levi got a nine while Eren got a three. When Petra and I went we each got a four so that meant Levi got to go first. He picked up his green car, placed a blue peg in the front left hole, and placed it on the career path before taking his turn. Before spinning he grabbed a career and salary card and then spun the wheel getting a five. He moved ahead and earned a LIFE tile. Each of our turns was something like this aside from Eren and Petra who both chose the college path so they don't have career or salary cards yet. As the game went there was Paydays, Taxes, a ski trip, a broken leg, and Eren and Petra graduated and got careers to pay off their loans.

[The order of their turns along with their car colors: Levi (Green), Eren (Red), Mike (Blue), Petra (Purple), Hanji (Yellow), and Erwin (White). Mike has also been made banker.]

While playing I had been having a discussion with Erwin and Mike about the probabilities of using genetic mutation on human volunteers as a way of seeing if there was a way to create titans or humans with titan traits/abilities and how well the gene would be excepted depending on the willingness of the patient when a comment Eren made to Levi caught my attention. I had been confused about what they were talking about since I was so wrapped up in explain how the gene might work but after a quick glance at the board I understood.

"Oh Levi," I said while laughing, "I hate to be whatever poor soul you tricked into that!"

[Petra POV]

We had all been playing and chatting with one another but I was keeping mostly to myself. I occasionally added a comment to one of the conversations happening on either side of me. I couldn't really convince myself to contribute much though. I was just too happy that Levi and my relationship issues had all been cleared up. I tried not to stare at him for too long and only give him short glances but there was nothing I could do to wipe the large smile off my lips. I thought there was nothing that could ruin my mood after finding out I'm his girlfriend.

"Awe Levi," fake sniffling, "of course I'll marry you!"

I whipped my eyes away from Levi's face to look at Eren who had been the one to make the comment. He was partially turned and had his arms circling around Levis waist while crying fake tears of joy onto his shoulder. "What did I miss?" I looked around at the others to see if maybe I had heard wrong but judging by the looks on their faces I did not. I saw Hanji glance at the board and the confused expression was instantly wiped off her face and replaced with an unnervingly large grin.

"Oh Levi," Hanji said while laughing, "I hate to be whatever poor soul you tricked into that!" They snorted, "Though by the sound of things it seems it was Eren!"

Still confused I looked down at the board and a relieved smile makes its way onto my face. "Thank goodness, Eren was just making a joke. Now I just need to stop being so jumpy." While I had been admiring (Gawking at) Levi he had moved ahead on the board and reached the stop sign that says "Get Married". After seeing this I reached over to pull a pink peg from the pile to hand to Levi but before I could grab one Eren leans across me and grabs a blue peg. He holds it out to Levi with a raised eyebrow and a smirk while waiting for him to grab it. When Levi doesn't take it from him and just keeps staring I reach over again to get a pink peg to hand to Levi but just as I was doing so he rolls his eyes before grabbing the peg and sticking it in the passenger side of his green car.

"Cheeky brat, why do I even put up with you?"

Eren snuggles further into Levi's side before tilting his head up slightly and answering, "Because you love me of course."

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