The Nest

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Chusi = Chew-Sea

Tyr = tear (like crying tears)


During their travel to a great grassy mountainous island they had met Fire-Cloud a silver-white nightmare, Boulder an oddly fast titan-wing grongkle, Chusi a dark navy-blue night-fury with white paws and bright yellow eyes , and a six-year-old human who she had with her, she had named him Tyr, she had taken care of since he was abandoned as a baby for being small and weak.

Toothless and Hiccup had convinced them to join their efforts in creating a great nest to which the children of both human and dragon will bring the world into a new peaceful era.

The building was going smoothly as the dragons collected and helped build as Hiccup told them of the plans. The nest was to be big enough to house a flock and any humans who join them will choose how to build their own houses. The dragons used their fire to clear out the taller of the mountains(all except the grongkle who just ate through) and Hiccup taught the young boy to speak human language just as he learned to speak dragonese. once there was a big enough space to hold them all they stopped and rested, the other dragons chose solitaire spots and then the night-furies laid with their humans everyone slept peacefully dreaming of a great world centered around their soon-to-be great nest.


I went to fight the dragons alone to train myself and relieve some stress from my monthly curse(aka-period). I stepped into the ring and pulled the lever that would soon let out a deadly nadder. The big doors swung open and the nadder ran at me I swung my axe and it dodged it so I threw it as hard as I could at it's head but it used its spines to deflect it. Soon it had me pinned to the ground, I closed my eyes waiting for it to either eat me or burn me alive, but nothing happened. I slowly opened my eyes to see it looking at me and sniffing me, the dragon then sniffed at my lower parts and I tensed up in fear. I had an odd feeling the nadder noticed my discomfort and proceeded to sniff at my bag instead. I had forgotten I had brought some dried fish as a snack, I realized yesterday was the twins turn to feed the dragons which they never do, so I quickly pulled out a piece of dried fish. The nadder seemed to thank me as it produced a strange scaly smile as it took the dried morsel out of my hands. It sniffed me again and I closed my eyes tight , but he the weight on me was lifted I opened my eyes again to see the nadder had gotten off of me. As I tried to stand I realized I had twisted my ankle, I was confused as the nadder came around me and helped me up and slowly walked me over to the large gate that prevents them for escaping. I looked back at it as it let me go so I could support myself on the gate instead, it was walking willingly back into its cage. As it went in it turned around and gave me a look I had seen before it was the same look I got from Snotlout and had once gotten from Hiccup. I was overwhelmed with a strange feeling as I grabbed the last of my dried fish and threw it as far as I could into the cage. The nadder quickly ate it and I pulled the lever that would close the door to it's cell. I limped home confused about what had happened my heart was beating fast with adrenaline as I quickly went to my room and laid down on my bed. I covered my face as I realized why I never looked down and why it didn't kill me when it had the chance. It was aroused and that nadder was a he, and he was attracted to me. I pulled the covers over my face as I thought of what would have happened to me.

" at least if I got screwed by a dragon I wouldn't have to marry Snotlout, Fishlegs, or Tuffnut"

My eyes widened as I realized what I just said, I closed my eyes and shook my head trying to get rid of the mental image I had produce of me getting screwed by that nadder, then I tried to sleep.

^hopefully when I wake up that nadder will be out of my head^

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