Protection Part 3: Sneak In

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Tyr, Chusi, and Astrid had to leave Battle-Axe behind for their mission so there was even less possibility of them being seen. Axe was left to take care of Moon. Shadow-Mist slowly led the small group to the cages. In order to safely avoid detection they had to pass the farm, which Shadow-Mist was not happy about.

"what's so wrong about going around the farm?" Astrid asked

Tyr once again translated.

"it's the sheep!"

"The sheep?"



"have you seen them, their fluffy innocent faces but I know they're evil, they want to take us over, with their rectangular pupils they look at you and stare into your soul with an unabashed bloodlust!"

"so you're afraid of the sheep?"

"Yes, yes I am"

Astrid sighed at the strange dragon "We'll protect you from the sheep okay and when we get your friend and daughter back we can fly over them so they won't see you"

"good idea"

While passing the farm Shadow-Mist was a wreck, whenever a sheep would lift it's head from grazing she would try to hide behind a boulder or tree even if it was smaller than a twig.

As they finnaly made it to the cages they were met with an unfamiliar sight.

"Star, Sweetie are you okay?"


"It's me sweetie, but who is that" Shadow-Mist asked angrily gesturing to the human boy asleep on top of her daughter.


still thanks to TheBlackWerewolf for letting me use such interesting characters. I loved writing Shadow-Mist's line for her fear of sheep. That was fun!

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