Protection Part 4: Suitor!

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"oh him, I don't really know who he is mama but he's very kind, he said I have beautiful scales"

"well at least he knows what he sees"

Astrid struggled to understand them with her developing dragonese, it was difficult. The boy woke up from the young dragon's sudden movements and seemed to smile at the exchange between the mother and daughter.

"you must be her mother" he said sleepily.

knowing the human boy probably could not speak dragon Shadow-Mist simply nodded to him still glaring due to the fact he was previously asleep on top of her daughter.

The boy smiled at her response. "you're almost as beautiful as your daughter"

Shadow-Mist looked shocked while Star blushed immensely making her golden scales brighter.

"he would make a good suitor"

everyone turned their heads to the creature watching all of them talk together.


"yes I am, let me explain the boy is an orphan, he holds no anger or resentment towards dragons and respects them as equal beings and such"

"I may not like this boy at first glance but I suppose we can take him with us"

"the more humans that are willing to join our side the better" Astrid declared.

the boy was very confused as Star simply blushed harder than thought possible. "what side, suitor? I'm confused"

Tyr explained a bit to the boy " we humans are from a place away from here, it's a place where dragons and humans live in peace"

"it sounds like a wonderful place to live"

"you may come with us if you like"

"on one condition"

"and what is that" Astrid asked

"I want to know your names"

Everyone that could speak in human introduced themselves and others. the creature's name was Phoenix and during his and Star's capture he had a wing broken. Tyr, Chusi and Astrid explained the situation with Star and Shadow-Mist. The boy introduced himself as Alic, his family used to be potion masters and alchemists, ever since his parents died people thought him useless but he knew how to make every kind of potion his parents knew. As they were broken out Phoenix had to be carried by Shadow-Mist, and Star volunteered to fly with Alic.

"sweetheart would you want him as a suitor?"

"what do you mean mama?"

"I mean as a future mate sweetie, with humans and dragons living in harmony there are bound to be hybrids in the future"

Star blushed furiously and spoke quietly, "I suppose ,I do like the idea"

"alright then, when the boy learns dragonese I will speak to him personally about it"

As they rendezvoused Star and Moon were thrilled to see each other again. but their reunion was cut short by the need to get off the island. Star was the most excited to not only get a new home but a good suitor.

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