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Astrid POV

I had been visiting the dragon rink for a while trying to get that nadder to attack me so I can hate it, nothing worked. I made myself venerable and it snuggled me. I tried to attack it simply pinned me down and laid on me "he" refused to fight me. Apparently the dragon was to young to be a training dragon and was relocated to the abandoned dragon rink and I started to go there. I was confused, I was taught dragons were killing machines whose only desires were to breed and kill Vikings. Yet this dragon was making me feel comfortable in its presence. I realized that I had many things in common with this dragon the more time I spent with it. We both preferred sheep over yak, always wanted to look our best, and were always up for a challenge. As I sat in the rink with the nadder pacing around me I wondered, was there a place out there where dragons and Vikings didn't kill each other and were happy together. While there I realized I was becoming a traitor I was feeling some thing for this dragon that I shouldn't. I first realized this when I got tired of calling him "dragon" and gave him a name, I called him Battle-axe. He would sit with me, listen to me, and coddle me when I was angry or upset. I said goodbye to Battle-axe left the old rink, Stoic had asked me to clean out Hiccup's old forge station. As I rummaged through the tools and other things I found a single black scale in his drawer. Beneath it were saddle blueprints, journal entries, and what I assumed was a drawing of the night fury. I read the entries to discover that Hiccup had not been killed, but he had fled away from the people who didn't understand him. He was a traitor and I realized that I was too, after knowing Battle-axe it would destroy me to kill another dragon like him. I read the entry that was most recent, it read "I can not kill a dragon, I am not a Viking, I will leave with toothless and find others like me and dragons like him who are willing to live with each other in harmony, we will create a new era of dragons and humans together, I only hope people will understand this one day" As I read this I realized there was a place where we could live together, Hiccup was creating it. I ran to my house, snuck into my room past my sleeping parents, and grabbed a medium sized bag, I proceeded to fill it with clothes, food, traps, and a fishing line. I snuck back out and made my way to the old kill rink to get Battle-axe. I opened the gate and he came towards me, sniffed my bag and looked at me curiously.

"We are leaving axe, for good"

He smiled or what I assumed was smiling and leaned down for me to climb on his back. As we quickly flew into the air I realized another reason why Hiccup left. In the sky there was a sense of freedom and peace. I pet the side of Battle-axe's head and figured out what I was feeling. I loved him, I Astrid Hofferson was in love with a deadly nadder, and I couldn't be more happy with it.


thanks to all my followers who actually read this, I appreciate it. I'm pleased to say the school year will be soon over and my summer will begin then, which means plenty of chapters for all.


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