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 The three resident humans were building some small Viking houses as the dragons finished clearing out the mountain. Astrid was happy in this place. Hiccup had said that any human that lives here would learn dragonese. It excited her to know that she would be able to talk to Battle-axe. When they finished one of the houses they went to see what the dragons had done in the mountain. There were roosting places, a nursery filled with pre-built nests, a large hot spring near the back of the mountain and in the center a throne like structure decorated with flowers, crystals and shed dragon scales and next to it another larger throne made of sparkling crystal and white polished stone. Toothless moved to take a seat on the larger throne and Hiccup went to sit beside him in his own. Astrid and the dragons bowed their heads before Hiccup spoke.

"It is wonderful to see how much our nest has come along which brings me to our first problem" Hiccup spoke in a calm and royal manner.

"what would that be my queen" Astrid said addressing Hiccup as his newfound title.

"We need an army to defend our nest should Vikings or dragons who do not accept peace attack us"

"What is it we do then my queen" said Tyr

"Astrid I want you, Tyr, Battle-axe, and Chusi to travel into the unknown lands and see if there are any humans or dragons willing to fight for peace between our kinds and join the nest, I trust you will not fail to bring me results"

"As you wish my queen" Astrid spoke as she mounted Battle-axe followed by Tyr and Chusi

They flew into the unknown lands beyond the fog, to find recruits for their army and habitants for the nest.

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